Green light for viewing in dark periods

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  1. has anyone done this without hermieing there plants?
  2. I use a green LED light that screws into a normal socket. I've heard regular light with green glass doesnt do the trick.

    I only go in there with the green light if I absolutely have to tho. Not worth the risk really.
  3. dont trip on it id say. :smoke:

    i understand the effects but if your taking good care of them, they wont skip a beat ;)

    i have a green party bulb anyhoww :b
  4. Really the best answer is that you have 12 hours of light in each day during which to tend to your plants, that should be plenty of time so that you can leave them alone for 12 hours in the dark. You should set the lighting schedule to fit your time.

    It is true that the plants don't "see" green color...but, that is a pure green, not just what might look green to our eyes. Remember that we don't experience light directly, we perceive it, and what might look green could be a blend across a range of colors/spectra. So I advise against using a green light as a practical matter. Again, you should have plenty of time during the lights-on period.
  5. You want to use a blue light actually... What you are trying to avoid is Phytochrome (Pr) from turning into Pfr by absorbing red light... I've grown with Blue and UV LEDs turned on during the "dark" period and never got a hermie.


  6. I'm not an expert but Blue is what they want during veg so why would a blue light work? Wouldn't that be equivilant to turning on a 6500k cfl?

    Green isn't used for photosynthesis so that's why it is ok to use during the dark cycle - or at least that's what I've been seeing.
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    Photosynthesis isn't the issue here. The issue is the "Dark" period. During the "Dark" period Pfr turns in to Pr. That's what triggers flowering. Pfr takes about 11-12 hours to degrade into Pr and as soon as red light hits it, it turns instantly back to Pfr.

    So, one good blast of red light (or light containing red) and all your Pr is Pfr and your plant thinks it should veg.

    UV to Blue light have no effect on Pr, so it won't interrupt flowering. The reason you don't want to use a green light is as the light passes through the leaves, it's wave length increases. If your canopy is dense enough, it can affect the Pr levels.

    Also, a 6500k cfl has a lot of red in it, at least as far as Pr is concerned. I'm talking pure blue down to pure UV.


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