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  1. Green Label Seeds

    Ace Silver Haze
    Skunk x NL x Haze
    The crystal clear high can easily take an inexperienced smoker by surprise !

    AK Widow 47
    AK 47 x White Widow
    Her stone is potent thanks to its White Widow parentage, yet strangely energizing thanks to the AK47.

    OG Cheese
    You can expect a very pleasant, psychedelic high. The pungent aroma of the original Cheese strain will blow your mind !

    Berry Delight

    Northern Light x Blueberry
    The stone from Berry Delight is nice and relaxing, yet it doesn't floor you so you can still carry on with your everyday activities.

    Killer White
    White Widow x White Widow
    If you're looking for a strong mental and physical buzz, as well as a mind blowing high, Killer White is the seed strain for you.
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    Auto Silver Haze

    Super Silver Haze x Ruderalis
    This baby has a lot of sativa traits, and the high is to die for

    Blue Grape Dream
    Blueberry x Grapefruit
    If you live in an especially cold area, this strain is perfect as the cold temperatures won't affect the quality of yield size.

    Big Jack
    Big Bud Skunk x Jack Herer
    Created by breeding two world class genetics together - Big Bud and Jack Herer - you know you are in for a quality product!

    Automatic Mega Bud
    Ruderalis x Big Bud
    If you like to think of yourself as a guerrilla grower, you'll love Automatic Mega Bud.

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