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  1. I was wondering if you have a green house do cops check thos out and would it be safe to grow in?
  2. If it reeks like Sweet cannabis and your nabors call you in, then they will check it out. Same gos for if hey drive by and smell it lol ( this is all common sence to me )But otherwise your prob good. Maybe you have a fenced in yard and no one can see it.. Idk, my grow in the green house had allmost no smell at all so I had no problems. Just don't go to big and dont tell anyone!!

    Good luck man :)

  3. Im looking to get a 20 x 40 maby bigger, my worries are they would think that's suspicious, what kinda pots/gallons should I use, I was thinking 15 gal smart pots? I am usto growing gurilla style, but thats all i know im a master at guerrilla growing left and right, lol :)
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    20 ft by 40 ft? For some reason that sound big to me( but I dont doubt it would work). If it was me I'd plant other plants in their and have a door with a lock. Don't use clear materials that way no one can see in. Keep the the girls at the back, etc just normal ways to keep safe and cover your butt. And when you plant other plants in the green house make sure they get among with the maryjayne plants :) dont want to breed bugs. also if you can pick plants that carry their own smell, that way the smells mix up and help cover your girls smell.

    Iv never used a smart pots ( but I see other people use them and they work great!) I'm still a noob at this with only one grow under my belt. But these are the ideas and precautions I would take. :)
    Hope it helps some
  5. Ok, cops will need a warrant to search your property. IMO, if they have a warrant, you have already been busted.

    Make sure the contents of the greenhouse are not viewable by air or passer by (not see through) and keep your mouth shut. Follow those rules and you should be fine.
  6. Will do bro, Im planning to move to a place that dont have a real big population, like out in the mountains... but has allot of land, So I should be good, Im gonna post some what of a idea I have and would like u and Alaska to read over it and tell me what u think?

    Thanks and happy MANY MANY highs

  7. Thanks bro!! And Great first time grow :)
  8. Is that pic next to your name Lina Inverse from Slayers by any chance? :3
  9. You a guerrilla grower and you wanna go 20'x40' stick with guerrilla style, go smaller and you'll run dry later, if you go greenhouse the guys are right 'loose lips sink ships' the cops rely on neighbors for intel, so have a 6'x12' opaque greenhouse dressed right, even have tomato plants visiable from the neighbors view.


    good luck

  10. all good advice
    and start small........20x 40 is massive..........when u see it in front of u ull understand
    thats like a 2 car garage.......maybe 3

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