Green House Seeds videos legit?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by megranatepo, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. No one thinks you said that. I just got a bucket 'o mud ready for Arjan and his cronies when i see 'em mentioned on the boards.

    Glorified collector IMO. Anyone willing to lay claim to someone else's legacy is a wad IMO.

    For me, it was when some "breeders/seedbanks" decided to commercialize the industry, overcharging and misleading alot of growers. That's just my $.02 though. GHS isn't the only culprit. You seen those $400-$800 seeds at BCseeds? :laughing::eek::laughing:
  2. hey just my ,02 i know aryan did fuck over shanti in a real shady way but im not touchin that thats a totally diff topic

    point- i do believe the videos are real because they dont talk about veg time as previously stated by someone and i myself with a thai sativa have vegged for 3 weeks and flowered for 12 weeks and ended up with a 12 foot plant so is it possible for those vids to be real. very likely but you just dont know the veg time

  3. My remarks about GHS, how ever so slightly off topic, are no less relevant. Legitimacy was called into question, which is why i offered my, albeit, harsh opinion. Legitimate vids, maybe/probably (thanx in large part to the cookie jar he got his hand caught in). Legitimate in general, Not IMO. :wave:
  4. The growjournals on the site are no comparison for the videos. In the videos they use their professional setup that they also use for the Cannabis Cup. Thats 24000 watts of Hid power, with all the research in the optimal feeding system and climate controll.

    But if you have been in Amsterdam once, you should know that the coffeeshops are just like Disneyland, some entertainment for max profit.
  5. for the sake of fun, I went and watched a few of the vids

    I gotta say, i think all the ones I watched were straight. SSH, Hawaiian Snow, widow, rhino, church, and one other, i dont remember which one now

    but things that stood out....they are NOT soil. they are 85 litre rez's. lmao. for a plant.

    1000w of light, 1 plant again.

    and, as said, veg time is not included (except on hawaiian snow, first shot is end of week 1 and I buy it for a nearly pure sativa...see how its 10' at 11 weeks?)
  6. I think that most of their videos are legit. If you would pay close atention you'll notice the ultra haze videos are shorter..... being since they cut out the part where they veg the plant for 25 days like in most of the other videos. The plants where in HUGE hydro containers and 1k hps for each plant i'm suprised they managed to keep those under 10 feet to be honest. Yes arjan likes to be a salesman but Franco DOES know how to grow and I think he has alot to do with how the plants turn out in the videos. This is just my opinion, but i have seen many MUCH more ridiculous claims out there. greenhouse gets such a bad rep. Probably because they have a much bigger customer base therefore more opportunity for people to bad mouth wich they love to do. Thats my 2 cents and i'm sure someone will tell me how wrong I am. but hey what the hell do I care lol
  7. who gives a GD..... get your seeds/clones planted and get'r'done.... never smoked with Willie, never grew with Neville, the buds in my closet are the only I know, on the level.:devious:

  8. thats good for you but thats not what this thread was about lol:smoking:
  9. ok i dont mean to sound like a 6th grade girl...but why all the drama between seed banks? from some of the comments it sounds like arjan was trying to increase profit while whats his name was increasing yield/potency....

    i mean was he taking credit for his work or what???
  10. welcome to the ADVANCED GROW FORUM... today the topic will be the the validity of information found on the I-net... also note that this is not the first thread to broach this same subject...further more we are going to make random observation to reach moot conclusions on issues that don't really affect any thing...blah,blah, BLAH.
    here's what you're doing...:confused: here's what we need you to do...:wave:
  11. these guys actually might be midgets....
  12. i think i will have to go with everyone else, considiering:
    • They have tons of cups and award wining strains ( THEIR LEAST STRONGEST STRAIN WON THIRD IN HT/CC CUP!)
    • they have massive respect
    • and that video probably didnt includ veggatative stage.
    its whatever though... smoke up & role up, :hippie:

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