Green House Seeds videos legit?

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  1. I know there have been several discussions regarding Green House Seeds and their videos on Youtube, but I can't help but think that the incredible growth rates in their videos might not be completely genuine. Let's take Arjan's Ultra Haze #1 as an example [ame=""]YouTube - Green House Arjan's Ultra Haze#1 Grow with Italian Subtitles[/ame] :

    At this point in the video they claim the plant is 1.5 weeks old with 1 week of flowering, so a total of 3.5 weeks of growth.


    This is followed by week 3 of flowering,


    Week 6,


    And the insane week 12,


    Now, I understand that these guys are pro's growing in top of the line greenhouses, but claiming to have a plant that size in only 13.5 weeks of growth is unbelievable.

    Even the grow journal on their site Doesn't get close to these kinds of results. In the journal, it looks like the plants grow at a healthy and normal rate producing solid yields, but just comparing the plants at 24 days of vegetative growth they are maybe a quarter of the size of the plant in the youtube video at TEN days.

    I have heard that this phenotype is particularly erratic, so I'm sure they picked the strongest, fastest growing mother for this video, but given that I've never seen results even close to this I can't help but think there may have been foul play.

    Thought? Has anyone seen this rate of growth before?
  2. Arjan probably wouldn't be my first 'go to guy' for growing advice.

    He does know how to promote himself though so there is that.
  3. So, do you think the videos are faked?

  4. At the very least given the record of his so-called proprietary genetics, just call me a person 'suspect' of any of his claims. I personally just don't like his whole persona and the deal with his head breeder, Shantibaba and why he left and why he's over at Mr. Nice Seeds.


    But that's probably just me reading too much about the whole 'seed politics' deal out there.


  5. seed Politics. That's an interesting concept...
    I see that from time to time, we are concerned about our seed supply, the voracity of claims, the true growing and potency information, qualities of the stone, etc.. I myself have ordered seeds from Nirvana and, in every case, found the product to be at least as advertised. But I see posters who are critical of this outfit. Why, I wonder?

    And when I place a seed order how do I know that when I order ten PPP seeds, that I get just that? There is little information about the seed producers and this is exacerbated by the necessary cloak and dagger aspect of ordering quality genetics.

    My point is, I would certainly appreciate a seed producer review section on here. As the prices and claims go sky high, it would be nice to know what is crap and what might possibly pass for truth. Any ideas on this?
  6. Wow. Thanks!

  7. I think I made this post in the wrong place :/
  8. Personally, it simply looks like they propped them up on something to make them appear larger.
  9. I haven't seen all of the GreenHouse videos, but I know at least on the White Rhino and the White Widow, they talk about "pre-growing". The week count they keep in the corner is the time from the formation of the first flower. Then, at the end, it's 13.5 weeks, and the strain has a 13 week flowering time, so that's 13.5 weeks of flowering. The videos are legit, they just don't talk about the vegetative stage.
  10. think about it this way how many cannabis cups has he won ,they have the perfect everything and that is his way of life and look at how long he has been doing it to,lets see ,perfect seeds,perfect environment, years of time to perfect and talk to the best growers in the world ,he does not have one strain that you can say that has been bad and I,ve smoked a lot of his weed ,no disrespect to you but he is the man when it comes to weed ,not that there is not a lot of other great company,s that also have killer weed ,but how many have won the cups he has
  11. I am with you, SoilMan. They just have it nailed and I see no reason to doubt my eyes or their videos. These guys are just nailing it, that's all. No tricks as far as I can see, just great genetics, well managed. Damn shame that I cannot get my hands on some of those strains, but I haven't located a source that ships to the usa yet.

  12. Attitude seed bank will ship them. I haven't ordered them myself yet, but I will once I get some cash for my grow. Here's a link:
  13. So, I noticed a couple things in their videos. One is that in some videos the time in weeks that they display includes vegetative growth and in some videos it doesn't.

    Another thing is they use very large, 89 liter (a little over 20 gallons I think) planter pots. I consider this muuuch large than traditional size requirements. I wonder if that has something to do with why they have such mondo plants.
  14. You know these guys are midgets :p
  15. my first thought after reading the initial post....

    of course it grows like a monster. its a haze, which is a *sativa* dominant. sativa's get pretty large, and rather quick.

    yes, the huge container helps, and yes theyre making every condition as close to ideal for visual development as they can, but its not entirely fake....
  16. What was that line people say every now and then? "What looks too good to be true probably is"

  17. all im sayin is, get yourself a sativa, give it ideal pot size / light / nutes / etc, and see what you get

    it wont be small lmao, much closer to what theyre showing than you might think,

    most sativas that you see that ARENT that big have been bound, almost always with LST or something, and usually some rootbinding as well (as in, the pots are usually relatively small on an indoor grow to restrict size)

    put it in a tank / in the ground outside, its a tree.

  18. And Bingo was his name-o. My mans right on the sativa size. However, Arjan is a notorious fame-whore who's only lucky enough to have had real breeders to steal from. LMAO :laughing:

    But seriously. Legit? I can't say. Blasphemous? Definitely. :devious:
  19. i never said arjan actually knew his shit...he just watched shanti do it :)

    ive heard most of GHS isnt even the same genetics anymore, that most of them are Ingemar's genetics now....whom iirc is not a breeder, but an avid collector. thats all speculation as far as im concerned

    when did seeds get so political? :(

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