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    Hey GC,

    I was looking to grow a new strain and was just wondering what your opinions are on Green House Seed Company.

    How are their genetics?
    Do these work well with being painted?
    What strains would you suggest?
    What other company would you suggest if not GHS?

  2. To answers some of your questions, I have grown a whole pack of GHS. i am currently growing GHS cheese, Lemon Skunk .

    I can tell you, i'm lucky cause many have said they hermie very easy. I would not suggest GHS. They are a way outsold company just cause of their cannabis cups. High times/ cannabis business ( dutch) are milking the newbs with this filthy strains.

    I suggest not buying feminized seeds ( expensive , hermie easily , totally a ripoff), buy regulars and remove males and then clone best female. Thus giving you a stable plant. I suggest many vendors, Just not GHS, or even G13 company ( not strain ).

    I really have been getting great results on Barney's Farm. It's a great company just remember to not go Feminized. They are a rippoff!

    I also had, the seed i wanted, so i got kit, TW never sprout.... Not sure if their " paint" effected, its' suppose to promote sprouts but who knows.

    Hope i helped

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    I am growing 2 strawberry haze, a white widow, the cheese, and himalayan gold all feminised seeds from GH. They all look and smell fantastic in their own rite, But the Cheese is Def. the stankiest of the 4 strains. I still have a couple weeks left in flower on them but yield wise im guesstimating at a little over an Oz per plant. (with LST under 400 wt HPS and Fox Farm Nutes). Looks like the Strawberry Haze will be the best yeilder. Ill have a smoke report on the cheese in about a month since that'll be the first one done. But based on looks, smell and Price of genetics i would say go for em. i am not dissappointed thus far.
  4. have some ghs great white shark 3 weeks from harvest. the buds are bright green covered with crystals... They are quite impressive if u ask me... As for yield. ive seen better, but hey, i have 3 weeks to go! feminized seeds of course....

    One plant was wierd stunted and looked funny. Checked her out and she's all bud except a few small bananas towards the very bottom... I plucked those sex organs out and ben keepin an eye on her in particular. All the other ones look amazing...

    always run a risk of hermies with females. but small grows call for feminized since we dont have much space to work with
  5. Thanks for your opinion!
    What companies do you suggest?
  6. DNa

    DONT buy dutch passion blueberry... I got feminized 10 pack, 8 hermied and well the last 2 seeded. complete BS....
    I bought 6 different strains from dutch passion, wasnt impressed at all by any of them in general.....

    FEMALESEEDS.NL use to be amazingg 3 years ago.... always hadd BOMB genetics. best ive ever had. i just bought a strain from them again... lets see if their genetics are still up to par 3 years later....
  7. Barney Farms - Have so many great strains
    Flying dutchmen - If your indoor , have long flowering times
    DNA - great company
    Delta 9
    Kiwi seeds
    DJ shorts
    TH seeds

    Basic rule is: Get reg seeds, look for fresh stock. And don't pick dumb vendors, cause theres so many good companies, no reason to.

  8. Id have to say to go to mr nice seedbank,where you will find two of the best breeders that have ever grown marijuana,scott blakey(shantibaba) and Neville Schoenmaker.You only need to research the strains the two legends have created(or helped along as shanti wud put it) to see that they are the best,never mind the awards that they have won,these two men made the greenhouse seed co. what it once was,and im afraid no longer is,i smoked there not so long ago,and yes they had some lovely weed,but as far growing it,id say ARJAN where are your mother plants??.Go to mr nice if you the best stock and not 2nd and 3rd gen crap

  9. I appreciate everyone's opinions!
  10. i love greenhouse man.
    ive smoked so many of their strains.
    if you want some sativa strains that i find to be the best go with nevilles haze and arjans haze #2

    cant be beat.

    BUT, theres alot of shady shit that went down with GH.
    shady breeding practices etc etc. so the original founder shantibaba left and took the real strains with him and so did the second man in charge, neville, they left and Arjan the current founder , more or less just tried to reproduce the plants that were taken.
    if you want realllly goood strains i would go for the ones i mentioned , but if you want greenhouses real founders i would go with MR NICE. thats the company shantibaba started
  11. WAY over priced and WAY over hyped.

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