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    hey so I've just started. Its about a week in. Growing quite nicely.

    I've got a Basic basic setup in my closet. Right now its just a stool, plant, and light right now.

    Imma use 2-3 [substitute the 3rd bucket for a smaller one to fit carbon scrubber] of those buckets and stack the shit out of them.

    I'm a little worried that the lighting inside will get too hot and cause a fire or meltdown. is there any way to prevent this by use any special precautions?

    I plan to have a fan directly hitting the lights from the side to keep it cool but will it be enough, will mylar help reduce or increase the heat inside?

    I took the liberty in having a bit of fun with paint and how it should look like. I am planning grow 2 plants [1 week apart don't ask my why its just how it is] inside the rubbermaid.

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