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Discussion in 'Greenhouses' started by MushrumStamper, May 26, 2010.

  1. I have acess to a moderately sized. 10x12 house style greenhouse.

    I was wondering on how the watts should be per plant since it will still recieve light?:confused:
  2. I guess I dont understand you want lights so you can veg in the greenhouse? Or is it supplemental lights?
  3. for veg n i was going to use it for winter growing. I have a cover for it.

    Plus i can regulate the temp
  4. In a ten by twelve by ten you can use at least two 1000w bulbs my preferance is metal halide, works for veg and flower. During flower it will increase total resin production. Some growers perfer HPs due to their hardening effects on buds as for me I like sticky gooey buds not little rocks on my plants. If your going to clone inside then just a florecent light will work wonders when kept close.

  5. In my opinion this will be too little light. In that area I would use no less than 4 X 1000W HPS lamps or your plants will get spindly and have really funky and small buds.

    You have to look at it like an indoor grow room until you shut off the lights and let natures photoperiod do her work. (I assume that's what you're doing?) Keep the lights just as close, temps the same, good wattage per sq.ft., etc.

    I think it's much easier to put those plants under a single 1000W HPS indoors and then when they are as big as you want them, transplant them into the greenhouse with ample room to stretch and fill out with buds. This will both save money, and it will keep prying eyes from seeing golden hps light from your greenhouse (and saving you the pain in the ass of covering the greenhouse with opaque plastic to keep the light in).

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