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    Welcome Blades!! This will be a long journey, so go fill up your cup, grab a snack, and pack another bowl.
    As always, please enjoy yourselves.

    Let's get to it shall we?

    Soil Grow Supplies

    Soil: Fox Farms Ocean Forrest

    Nutrients: Fox Farms Grow Big & Big Bloom


    Nirvana Northern Lights

    Buddah seeds White Dwarf

    Dinafem Power Kush (freebie)

    DNA Lemon Skunk (freebie)

    (First is Trial Run With Dank Bagseed)

    Lighting: 150w HPS & (3) 60watt 6500k cfls (have more, but that's all that's running with the current setup)

    Ventilation: Two 120mm, one 80mm pc fans(used for the seedling/veg cab)

    One 6'axial fans (exhaust) in the flowering cab, along with a couple 6' fans circulating inside the cab.


  2. very nice, i'm glad ur seeds are germinateing.

    question: what is superponic??
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    Glad you addressed this. It's simply a fancy name for a dwc, combined with aeroponic.

    Picture a regular dwc system with net cups and all, except it has a water pump inside, ran to a hose with sprayers connected. These sprayers mist the roots above the surface of the water with fine jets of oxygenated water from inside the bucket, along with airstones in the bottom.
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    The Seedlist will be steadily updated here.

    Nirvana Northern Lights

    Buddah seeds White Dwarf

    Dinafem Power Kush

    DNA Lemon Skunk

    Reserva Privada OG#18

    Barneys Farm Blue Cheese

    Barneys Farm TopDawg

    CH9 California

    Sweet Seeds Mohan Ram


    Here's an updated pic of how the cab currently looks


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  5. oh i see, very nice aeroponic setup. may i ask what your soil, nutes, light setup are?? whats your plan with it when it goes into veg.

  6. Soil will be FFOF. Nutes will be FF as well for the soil op.

    The hydro setup is running general hydroponics nutes.

    150w hps on both.

    The one in hydro cab is self contained ballast, while the one used in the soil op has a remote ballast.

    LST on both grows probally along with scrog. Im not goiing to veg either for very long, because this is a trial run for both cabs.

  7. A scrog sounds great on that. How long do your strains flower for?

  8. Not sure about the freebie lemon skunk and powerkush, but the NL and WD are short period flowering strains usually finishing up at 50-55 days or so I believe.
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    These are inside the mylar lined box. There are 3 6500k 60w cfls overhead.




  10. awesome buds in 2 months :smoking:. keep us updated in the near future.

  11. The hps arrives tommorrow, so it will be a busy day. The plants aren't going under it just yet, but I will be installing and running tests for sure. If I find time, I'll take some pics.
  12. green hit i have that same set up in one of my grow rooms you will not be sorry. that 150 is the best money i spent on a new light for what it puts out.:smoking:

  13. Thanks for the heads up GH. I remember you saying that you had gotten one. My measurements say that it will fit just right with the factory hood/reflector.

    I should be able to fit four 8 inch square pots in there very snugly. This will probably be the way I go, and if all goes well, I will be constructing a Rumple Bucket in the near future probably. Gonna go all organic this time around though I think.

  14. green i got good news for you i had 6- 1 gallon pots under mine. in a 30 x 32 room. go big green think big. and dont be afraid to add plants in the mix as they become ready. if you need anymore help with that light let me know. if you forget the wiring i will open mine again for you to set you straight. just hit me with a pm. you are gonna love that light man. dont touch the bulb with bare hands if you didnt know:smoking:and never touch when lit
  15. welcome to indoor growing green hit!


  16. Well, my cab is only 18x18. Yeah, I know that the oils from your hands can f up the bulb. Big NO NO. Oh, and I gotta cool lighter/bottle opener from htg in the package. I'm about to try and upload pics again. Let's hope it doesn't freeze my browser again for some reason.:confused:
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    Welcome aboard, IMgreen!:wave::wave:
  18. thats funny i just used my htg lighter to fire my blunt up:smoking:
  19. Damn, I call LP, i'm playin the waitin game over here!
  20. the wait will kill ya:smoking: i hate the wait

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