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Green Highlight

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by isparkmygreens, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. I was talking with some friends and came across some MJ called green highlight. Well, it's 50 dollars a gram and its a hybrid of haze and kind bud. I was wondering if anyone had heard of it, or had any experence with it? Please dont say "wow thats way to much..."
  2. 50 a gram is WAY overpriced. 50 an 8th, maybe? I don't care what kind of weed it is though... 50 a gram isn't weed, that sounds more like blow price to me.
  3. Dude that's like $150 an 1/8. That would be some major bank, man. You better either trip balls from one hit, or pass out from one hit. That just applies to me and my locale. I would see if I could get a lower price. If you do get it please post picks and experience.
  4. a mix of haze and kind bud? haha what are kids trying to do these days to sell weed....kind bud is not a strain of weed buddy. thats like saying "bro i just go some trainwreck crossed with mids, it is real nice.....and 50 a gram"

    dont pay it man. no one has heard of haze x kind bud and NO ONE should pay 50 a gram. that is coke prices
  5. 50 a gram..? no way would i pay that
  6. jason dont be an asshole i was just wondering, and if its not a strain what is it?
  7. yeah dude, kind bud is more of a category than a specific strain. its sounds like someones bullshittin ya

  8. sorry man no hard feelings. i was really trying to point out that your dealer or whoever had this weed is really trying to bullshit you. kind bud is just a category of weed

    kind bud/dank
    haze/trainwreck/blueberry(any named strain)

    they are just trying to use fancy words to sell their 50 dollar gram to you...which probably shouldnt cost more than 20. if they have to sell it for 50, you can only assume what they bought it for. lucky for you, they werent the smart ones and thought weed could actually be good enough for 50 a gram or whatever they payed
  9. lol thanks for the advice but its not my dealer. its the dealer of my friend, i dont think im going to buy it
  10. Well, i'm not going to tell you that the price is too high.
    I will, however, tell you that where i live, the dankest 8ths go for 60
    and the dankest grams go for 20...

    And grams of kief go for 50. Therefore, i can get a gram of nearly pure THC for 50 dollars = no way in hell that weed is gram per gram even NEAR the same amount of THC as is contained by kief.

    50 a wow..wouldnt think anybody would have the fuckin BALLS to wax 50 a g.

    Thats yay prices price evarz.
  12. dude dont buy it, u already know that hes lieing to you, trying to sell it as sumthing its not. The names prolly made up to, its prolly just bright weed. And btw, no matter what 50 a g is too much, i used to know a guy that sold 30 dollar gs and i guess it was worth it, tho i never bought it.
  13. I could see that..

    The dealer takes some mids and puts highlighter all over it. Then he's like "yea man, this is the SHIT right here. stuff is so dank it'll glow under UV!"
  14. maybe if it was budder or the finest of the finest hash?

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