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Green Hash?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by A Flo, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. I just picked up a small block of Green Hash for 20 bucks to .8

    I've never seen Hash that's green. I don't really know much about Hash. Does color mean anything?
  2. it probably means that theres quite a bit of plant matter meaning lesser quality
  3. its better than bud....but its still has lots of plant matter in it.
  4. might be just kief pressed often sold in my area as pressed hash, i make my own :) that way i know what is
  5. Do you just use kief, use buds, or you have a connect for all the leaves and shit?
  6. Could you post a picture of it?
    and does it smell like hash normally does or more weed like?
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    There's alot of hash around here so i decided to do some research last year.
    What I got from wikipedia was "A green tinge may indicate that the hashish is impure, has been cut with low-quality leaf or contains high quantities of chlorophyll"
    But when i had more looks around some people suggested green colored hash may be more potent due to the fact there is blatantly more of the plant in it, which could increase its levels of THC. I don't really believe that.
    It then came just afterwards that my friend bought some hash from a pretty well known dealer, which had a pretty green tint. He asked me if i would like to go around a smoke some with him and I did.
    I immediately noticed a lack of the common hash smell when we where first burning and crumbling it into a joint. Then when we smoked it, it had little to no hashish taste to it. The high took alot longer to kick in and wasn't a very good one.
    The next day when I got some nice browny hash from another person, it really allowed me to see how much this green hash had been inferior.
    Don't get me wrong, it could just have been a bad batch, somewhere there may be extremely potent green hash.
    Here's a picture of some of the hash we had left over from the dude, I'm pretty sure my friend gave it away
  8. pretty sure you could have got keif if it is really green. I see keif being sold a lot more than hash around here.
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    It means it is relatively low quality hash.

    Kife is not green, it's gold or brown or tan colored. The more green matter that gets mixed in with the kief before it is pressed into hash the greener the hash is.

    EDIT: That's why the kief that comes out of many grinders is greenish; plant matter gets ground fine enough to mix in with it.

    EDITED EDIT: People who say more plant matter makes the hash better are indeed incorrect. The kief is the resin gland (trichomes) and contain the highest THC concentration.
  10. Well, last night I smoked about two bong packs with the Hash mixed with Jack Herrer. It definitely got me ripped, but not super high.
  11. Green hash is still usually a decent smoke; a lot depends on the strain it was made from too of course.
  12. My kief is pretty green but it gets me blazed way more than bud.
  13. its pretty much up to yourself to find out really, no one can tell if its good or bad hash, simply because we havent tried it, we all get different hash, some may get potent green hash, you may get hash that hemp plants pressed togheter, no one knows, no one online can answer if its good hash or bad hash, if you dont meet your dealer online :D
  14. Of course it does. I never said it was bad. Just because it's not pure kief doesn't mean it's not more potent than the bud it came from. Of course it is :)

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