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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by imstoned, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Hello im a green grower embarking on my first grow and this will be my grow log but i need some questions answered first. I've reserached things but need help
    1.this is my grow "closet"
    (the lantern is just to lighten it for the picture)
    so question one is my grow "closet" high enough for a plant? if not i do have a plan b but hopefully that wont be needed

    question 2 i remember reading a guide where when your plant gets like its 3rd set of leaves you bend it down and then grow the plant in a spiral i was hopeing that this would hepl with my height problem

    thanks for your help i might need more along the way haha
  2. that is not tall enough for a fully mature plant you need at least 2 sq ft of floor space for one plant and if your growing a pure indica (which is the shortest cannabis plant) you'll need at least 5 ft of hight for the plant from bottom to top plus at least another foot for your pot or growing medium and at least another foot for you light keep in mind your gonna want some space between the top of your plant and the light too good luck hope plan b works out or give some info on what plan b is and ill give you some ideas :smoke:

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