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Recipe Green/Gold Dragon Receipe

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Joinerc, May 22, 2018.

  1. I have mastered this part of the process. I'm looking to go a little further and make vape oil. Is there another way to do this without Fractional Distillation. THC,CBD
  2. You could always get yourself some PG or VG (I like Velvet Cloud Vapor from San Francisco, they have all VG with a runnier consistency due to added distilled water)

    I think BnW adds a percentage of alcohol tincture to his vape juice and it works well too.

    I have experimented with making vapable liquid from wax by adding a mild solvent which is also relatively? safe to vape, the PEG instead of PG or VG. This is because the oily nature of cannabinoids have trouble emulsifying into the PG and VG even more. The PEG can add a plastic like flavor if the ratio of it is too high or if it is vaped aggressively, either by a sub ohm or too much power.

    Mind you, I approached this as a way to use what was available and it involved a lot of tinkering with the gear to actually make it usable, a lot of it was abandoned due to the tech being not so great and the losses from heat changes and the tank systems being a lame thing. Now though you can get the disposible ceramic carts from many places!

    You may be able to make some inactive tincture and then just evaporate the alcohol, then reconstitute it barely with alcohol and vape that, but it would harden more than it would flow eventually especially with heat added. That's where the PEG comes in and can help.

    In my testing even adding a tiny bit of VG made the canna juice harder to vape, the VG actually produces a sweet flavor on it's own but when heated rapidly will make the wick material have trouble. PG can solve this but it too has downsides, has it's own flavor and can produce a harshness for me.
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  3. Latest analog to those Juul carts they have in legal only states.

    It is a Mark Ten Elite vapor pod system.

    Most you can pry apart and since they use cotton wicks still you can just bastardize them without having to rebuild the wick with tiny fingers for a one time use. Cleaning and reusing them is possible.

    Funny thing is the premade cigalikes that you fill yourself work pretty poorly so I still do this once in a while.

    Ain't nothing more discreet then looking like you are just hitting a common store bought vape pen and getting lit.[​IMG]
  4. I just got the book Cannabis Alchemy. They do use heat where I have always used -50 cdegrees to remove terpenes from cannabis.
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  5. Doing a cold alcohol wash (QWET) without any heat will retain the most amount of terps for sure.

    I have been messing with adding terps back after a heated decarb and it's been very interesting.

    The last experiment, I added indica terps to a sativa wax coconut oil capsule batch and I must say, I am not overwhelmed like I usually am when I use a sativa and the lift is a nice change. I have only just begun testing the caps but at half my usual dose it is possibly even more pain relief than I have been experiencing lately from a hybrid concoction.
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