green dyed bamboo stakes

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  1. I couldn't find any post on this site regarding the bright green bamboo stakes that I found at my indoor grow shop. Not knowing what they were dyed with, I was very hesitant to purchase them. I did some research on my own, and discovered the dye most frequently used is Malachite green, which is banned in the US for food-related applications. The grow shop is bringing back the natural bamboo stakes. just an fyi. Bryn
  2. Try a retail nursery and see if they don't have the plain bamboo sticks...
  3. my indoor shop is restocking these after I told them about the dye, so all is well.
    Good for you! You made them a better supplier and that's what it's about, IMHO
  5. we all just keep learning from each other, which is the spice of life. The shop always carried only natural bamboo, then for some reason they added these green-dyed ones..they were really responsive to the info. (Next, I'll work on getting them to install a bulk section!).
  6. The green ones are fine to use.  It's not like you are smoking the bamboo.
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    I am glad you have not seen any adverse reactions. That does not change the facts that I posted though.
    My dog once pissed on my tomato plants, I did not notice any adverse reactions, I will not continue letting him do so though. :laughing:
    No hard feelings, just joking around a bit. :smoking:
  9. Home improvement stores sell untreated kiln dried wooden dowels in different thickness'. I pick them up at my local menards . $0.19 for 4'
  10. I use 1/2" x 4' fiberglass electric fence stakes. I've been using the same ones for many years.
    Just gotta watch out for little tiny splinters.

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