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Green dragon

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jacksonn, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Do you have to cook the ganja before putting it in your alcohol?
  2. you have to decarb it
  3. How exactly do I do that?

  4. Not required just suggested, put your weed in a micro go in 30 second increments once u can touch it and have it basically turn into dust you'll be good
  5. How many 30 second increments?
  6. Scratch the micro to touchy for a first timer, give this a shot

    2. DECARB(oxylation) - Another very important step. Marijuana produces THCA which is not psychoactive. However during the drying and curing process of a marijuana harvest some of the THCA will decarb into THC (it removes the carboxylic group, COOH).

    When you smoke marijuana you are also decarbing even more of the THCA into the active THC. This step also helps rupture the trichomes, making the potent oils more accessible.

    When you making cannabutter or ghee, a process which involves heat, perhaps much of the THCA is decarbed, however for best results decarb before hand anyways. Decarboxylation is essential to making a good product when you are doing an extraction
    WITHOUT heat, such as some tincture methods.

    To Decarb : Set your oven to the lowest heat setting or around 150F. Now place your marijuana on a baking sheet and into the oven it goes. This process could take anywhere from 30 minutes to five hours depending on how dry the marijuana was in the first place and the quantity you are using.
  7. I won't be able to use the oven. Because I cannot raise suspicion among my parents so microwave is the only option
  8. it's really touch and go then , even the microwave is gonna make it smell like pot tho just for warnin ya! Go 30 seconds at a time check on it after every zap once you can touch it and have it fall apart and into basically dust you'll kno it's done i believe last time i tried it took around 2-3 minutes total....don't quote me on it the microwave plays a lot of variables wattage etc etc, i suggest you wait til they go out and use your oven it's less variables and more exact science so to speak, or if you have a vaporizer just vape it get stoned then use that!
  9. decarb it, but i wouldnt use a microwave because you have a better chance of vaping alot of the thc away. put it in the oven at like 200 degrees for maybe 15-20 mins

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