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Green Dragon

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ville, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. I got a question. Im thinkin of making green dragon for a group of friends that are coming over for a get together. Im terms of liquor, im thinking Bacardi 151 due to its high proof (id get everclear but its illegal in my state). Since only about 3 friends are coming up, would putting an 8th in a 1/5th bottle of Bacardi get us all good (im talking about high, i got more liquor to drink)? Im not talking about mids or anything. I get good stuff always.

    And btw, im 21 so if theres a better liquor to make it with, it wouldn't be a problem to get it at my corner store.
  2. I always make it with Everclear. I use 1 gram per 1 ounce. I also let it sit 3 weeks then i strain it out.
    151 should work just fine
  3. What's a Green Dragon?
  4. Pot that has its thc extracted into an alcoholic solution.( ie. Pot + 151 in a bottle for 3 weeks).
    You should purchase devils springs. BEST CHEAP LIQUOR. It is 160 proof and fucking great. Drink the rest that you don't use. 8 shots and your pretty chilled, 14 and ur going to be having a GREAT night.
  5. And a horrible next morning.
  6. hah 8 shots of 160 proof would have me stumbling around with my pants down. there is a great guide on cooking green dragon on here somewhere.

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