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Green Dragon!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by boredjim8, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. I want to make this but I want to put either the mids i get or if it would be more potent, as i would think, i would like to put my headies i get..


    Anyone have a bud to alc ratio that works? I plan on using everclear grain alc. probly sit for a month or a little shorter if i see a good day to wip it out.. no less than 3 weeks .. probly more than a month too!

    Any suggestions?

    Ive seen on a few sites 1/2 gram per ounce of liquor.. ne experience with this?
  2. just make sure to shake it up every day or a few times a day, and id say as long as all the bud is covered in liquid, rthen it is fine. i did it with twice as much liquor as weed. nad worked good adfter 2 months.
  3. Shake it up every day? Alcohol is a polar liquid, and THC is a polar solid. It will dissolve. Its EXACTLY like pouring salt into water. You dont have to let it sit for days on end.

    Just grind up the marijuana as fine as possible (dust is perfect- more surface area means faster dissolving), and pour it into your alcohol. Shake it up vigorously for maybe a minute.

    I'm sure you could put an ounce of grass into a 1-Liter bottle of liquor with room to spare.

    BTW its best to do this with warm alcohol. Warmer liquids hold more particles.

  4. wow someone did their chemistry homework........ this is good advice dude, use it
  5. its wrong though. just let it sit for a while. maybe he skipped the day when they taught that just because they are both polar doesnt mean they will react within the same time as 2 other polar things (ie salt and water)

    either way, im thinking of doing this myself.
    ive heard 1:1 ratio for grams of stems to ounces booze. if you are gonna use something better, which i dont reccomend anything better than mids, try maybe a 1:10 for mids, 1:5 for schwagg

  6. is it realy that simple?
  7. so still kinda confused.. will mids work .. 1/2 gram to 1liquidoz of everclear? should i use better bud?
  8. put as much ground up in a bottle as you want to use, pour the liquid in enough to make the ground up stuff float freely with like a little bit of space between the particles... so little more then enough to make it float freely

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