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Green Dragon+Xbox 360

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by stinkjones, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Ok so I wanted to make some green dragon. I got some Devil's Springs (160 proof vodka, yeah i know everclear is better but its illegal in NY) and saved up stems for a while. I also put in maybe a gram of bud but also like 2 grams of kief.

    I've heard varying reports of how long it will take, but I am assuming around 2 weeks will do the job. At this point I have added different things at different times, the very latest was some kief yesterday.

    Anyway, I want to have this shit done for next Monday (1 week from now) when my friend is visiting. I know that the green dragon can be cooked instead of left to steep, and i know that heating the mixture will increase the rate of the reaction.

    I also have a 360 which gets extremely hot, and nowhere to cook since I'm in a dorm. Since I don't have to pay for utilities I'm going to try and leave the green dragon under a towel with the 360 running all the time. It doesnt seem like the 360 is doing badly as one might expect, its been going for about 5 hours so far.

    The shit really does get HOT, and I was just wondering if anyone thought this was a good idea or whatever. I know there is no way to really tell, but I was wondering if others have had experience or know if this will fully dissolve the thc. How long does hot ethanol take to decarboxylate and dissolve THC?

    Another question, If it doesnt really get us stoned, would it be okay to smoke the buds that were soaking in the ethanol? Yeah it'll be real fun pulling out stems and shit from ground up, partially dissolved weed, but it would be worth it if some kief remained and made it very potent...

    Thanks for your thoughts
  2. it will be fine...and about using the buds afterwards, i wouldnt because when my friend took his out they look dry and evaporated and still smelled like alcohol.
  3. Becareful covering the 360 with a towel it will cause the rrod. If you had a lava lamp it would work even better.
  4. honestly man dont worry bout it, a week is a good amount of time. Im sure you will have most of the THC in there by then... I let some sit over night and took it the next day and got lifted to the moon.

    if you really wanna make sure you got all of it tho, instead of drying the weed out and smoking it, just use the weed in another batch of green dragon and smoke some non alcohol saturated bud.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Don't understand your confusion Mr. Downey, I'm saying that I can;t cook the shit. And I have a 360. I don't have a problem leaving it running all the time because I don't have to pay for electricity or anything. Got it?

    Anyway, thanks mhughes, I have heard a variety of conflicting reports about how long it takes, so some experience is very nice to hear.

    Jungleman, I believe that if it overheats, the rrod is not permanent. The permanent rrod is caused by a weak solder point, which can actually be fixed by leaving it on for about 45 minutes wrapped in towels lol

    Ecliptica, yeah I don't think I will be smoking them, but maybe I'lll try a QWISO wash? hmmmm....
  7. Overheating kills 360s period. Ive been repairing them to fund my habbits for some time now. It takes 2 hours to reapiar and the towel trick is useless also. All you really need is a lamp you can set the bottle near as it would get it hotter. It is your xbox Im just trying to save you some headache and time to send to Microshaft for repairs.
  8. I'd rather spend $20 on a hot plate than risk fucking up my $350+ xbox. That's just me though.
  9. risk frying your $300+ xbox, so you can cook up some sticks and stems in alcohol. LOL
  10. Give it a hot water bath. Go to the dorm kitchen, boil some water slightly and add the bottle for a little but. Open the bottle first. Do this late at night and you should be fine. Other than that, do the same on a hot plate. Wrecking your XBOX is way worse than a potential fine for a hotplate.
  11. OK I didnt realize it might actually break the 360... I have done this for many hours at this point with no problems... its not like i really kept it from expelling heat, I just had the heat go past the bottle first using the towel. Not sealed or anything, I was just tunneling the air.

    Also, my 360 is one of the first gen ones, I've had it since launch, and never had any problems. I think I got a fucking tank of an xbox just from seeing all of my friends getting RROD.

    Regardless, the green dragon got pretty hot, I'm thinking utilizing waste heat is not a bad idea just finding a better/safer method would be good.
    I've heard though, that using a light for heat is a really bad idea because it just directly degrades the THC. You could just wrap it up in electrical tape though. Maybe that was just direct sunlight?
  12. To the best of my knowledge, correct me if i'm wrong. The lamp wouldn't do anything to the THC if it is a light proof jar. You just use the light for a radating heat effect. THC does break down in sunlight so as long as no light get inside to the mixture you will not sacrafice any THC.

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