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Green Dragon what is it....?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by XxMFDoomxX, May 10, 2010.

  1. So ive been seeing all sorts of talk about green dragon i kinda get the jist of what it is. Im also wondering what kinda high you get from this. And are there any good tut's for this Mixture? Any help would be greatly appreciated.:smoking:
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    Green dragon is a marijuana tincture. Basically, you take bud, and add it to the strongest proof alcohol you can find, and let it sit for a month or so.

    I actually am making some green dragon currently, I added about 1/2oz of fresh bud, cooked bud, kief, and vaped bud to about 8-10fl oz of everclear + Bacardi 151. I shake it twice daily, once in the morning and once at night.

    I've tested it quite a few times, and the high seems to kick in slightly quicker than edibles and is very strong as well. Its a very, very strong body high.

    Really, there is no tutorial needed:

    1:Get a mason jar or glass bottle
    2: Pour desired amount of Everclear
    3: Add bud [1-2 grams per each fl oz of alcohol]
    *OPTIONAL: Cook your bud in the oven first at 225 for 20 minutes to activate the THC.
    *OPTIONAL: Vaped Bud and stems can be used, but it requires twice as much
    4:Tape the bottle/jar with electrical tape to make it lightproof [light degrades THC].
    5: Store away in a dark, warm place. Shake vigorously twice a day.
    6: Do this everyday for about a month to a month and a half.
    7:Strain plant matter using a strainer, ect
    8: Enjoy

    Now, you can also cook with it, but for a first time I wouldnt advise it... but here is how.

    1: Get a water bath.
    2: Fill the water bath with at least 2 in of water.
    3: Put the everclear/herb into a container.
    4: Put the container in the water bath and turn on the stove. Put a candy/digital thermometer in the everclear/herb mixture to measure its temperature.
    5: Keep the temperature steady around 160-170 degrees F. Do this for 20-25 mins by increasing/decreasing the fire size.
    6: Turn off the stove and let cool
    7: Strain plant matter out using a strainer, pantyhose, ect.
    8: Enjoy

    The cooking method makes it more potent, but is also potentially dangerous. Do NOT smoke before or during the cooking method if you decide to do so.

    I highly advise making some. Its very cost effective [especially if you have a vaporizer] and extremely potent. I havent cooked mine at all, and a quarter of a shotglass of green dragon will get you blazed for at least 6 hours.
  3. Once again fumar comes through with more recipes you really are a fucking guru man thanks. Keep smoking.:smoking:

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