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Green Dragon, UPDATED!!! Try This!

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by MarijuanaBudha, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. We have all probably heard of Green Dragon but you guys should check out the method that extracts more thc and in even the same day!
    It calls for preheating the herb in the oven for five minutes at 325F To convert all the THCA(tetrahydrocannabolic acid) into THC via decarboxlyation. Then you heat the alcohol and ground weed in a mason jar in almost boiling water for 20 minutes strain and if you use an 1/8 of good green and 2 oz. of Bacardi 151 an eyedropper full will get you high for like 5 hours like brownies and 2 will evoke a spiritual experience lol. here's the guide:

    I haven't tried it yet though it beats the hell out of letting your stash chill in alcohol for a month plus you'd probably extract less chlorophyll this way. Do it and post your results! :D
  2. Why did you create two seperate threads in two different sections?
  3. Exposure?
  4. If and when you guys try this method pm me with a link to the thread would you?

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