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green dragon turning neon orange

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by eyecon, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. my green dragon. (using grey goose l'ornge) is turning a neon colored orange. looks pretty crazy and i don't know if its because of the type of vodka i'm using or what. i made some last year and it was a much more green color.(using shmirdoff blue label) oh well i hope it works as well as it did last year i got reall really high off maybe 3 shots.

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  2. oh yeah i'm just using the jack daniels bottle because i wanted to drink some of the vodka by itself.

    another pic oh how muc stem and bud i'm using

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  3. looks yummy
  4. hey eyecon, if you used nothing bud weed to make it, how much does it take? and how long do you let it sit? i made some last year and let it sit for 3 months, and it ended up being a disappointment. what all is your recipe?
  5. last year i used around 2grams of bud and around 10 grams or stems in a flask of 100 proof vodka.

    i let it sit for around 3 months like you, but i put in next to my lamp (see pics) sinse heat is supposed help release the thc.

    this year i'm using more stems probably around 15grams, less bud only a gram, but i also put .5 grams of keef in a larger amount of vodka with less proof.(80 compared to 100) so i'm no sure how it will turn out this year. i'm more interested in why the vodka is turning the orange color as shown in the picture.

    i'm going to give my sister a shot for mardi gras (becaues she wants to try some and i dont see her very often) so she'll tell me how well it works. also she doesnt smoke weed anymore so i think she'll have feel the full effects. then the rest will be drank my me and my friends during spring break, and i started making this mid december. i'm just hoping that theres enough thc in the vodka to make it worth my time and effort.
  6. the reason behind the color might be because the thc broke down or because its been exposed to alot of light. when i learned to make the stuff it said use a dark bottle and thats what i used and my shit is DarkGreenish/brown.
  7. Holy crap, Reefa. You really went digging for this one.
  8. haha yeah, i guess we'll never know how the green (orange?) dragon turned out

  9. No nessicarly(sp?). I looked at eyecon's profile and he was on today. If this stays bumped he'll see it.
  10. mine when the sticks n shit was in it, turned swampy brown..but then when i strained it out it was a tint of lime green and tasted like weed kinda.
  11. As long as you use a high enough proof of liquor you will be able to let it sit for 3 to 4 weeks at toom temp and it should work just fine. Evercler works wonders, but anything stron will do.
  12. i got an e-mail for this and remembered posting this years ago hahah. still getting high. this turned out real well. the taste is very good, and gets you pretty fucked up, kind of like an absinthe drunk. i still have some and am going to drink the rest next week. I have to quit smoking for a month to get a job.

    peace eyecon

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