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Green Dragon Questions

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by BillT-186, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. So I bought a pint of moonshine a while back and filled it up with a couple grams of mids a few weeks ago. I just got the idea to add weed everytime i buy more and drink it on 420 and i was curious about if i were to distill it, would the THC stay with the alcohol or would it be left behind? If it helps any the moonshine was not completely pure and when shaken the bubbles wouldnt entirely dissipate for about 30 sseconds. For those who dont know how quickly the bubbles dissolves shows how pure it is.
  2. If I'm not mistaken it should stay with the alcohol
  3. Moon shine is already distilled.
  4. Dude when you shake moonshine thats one way of checking the proof, the faster the bubbles dissipate, the higher the proof and vica versa.
  5. Lol sorry OP, no one else really addressing the question
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    Distililation is the process of boiling the alcohol out of a "mash" in this case a green dragon.

    A couple of things here
    1 moonshine should be very high proof alchohol already
    2 thc degrades with heat
    3 You can't have alcohol at higher than 96% or 192 proof in the atmosphere because any higher than that it will absorb water from the air until its 96%

    I have done some distilling and it is a long process at high temps I would think that it would damage more thc than it would take with it.

    So imho it would be a waste of time... if your shine is poor quality to begin with distil it first then add your thc
  7. THC will not stay with the alcohol if you distill it again.

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