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Green Dragon Question

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by jamesnb, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. I made a tincure using 1 gram of dank per ounce of Everclear (95% grain alcohol). I know there are a lot of varibles but in general, how long is the onset and how long does it last compared to say a firecracker? I made firecrackers with the same bud and 0.25g gets me stoned within an hour and lasts four hours. I'm just wondering what to expect and how to budget my time.
  2. It all depends on your dosage. If you reduce the alcohol it will be more potent.
  3. .25g you lucky bastard
  4. I didn't boil it down.
  5. Yeah, I've always been a lightweight and now that I'm growing good dope... :)
    I use a 125mg dose to help with insomia. If I take 250mg I'm way good, the same for two pipe hits. So a full 0.5g puts me way, way out there.
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  7. You can't really compare dosing for standard edibles and dosing with a Dragon tincture. Using the figures here, it takes .25g for firecrackers to be effective for you. That gives you 4 doses per gram. If you were to use .25g of Dragon, you would use about 7ml of a 1g/oz tincture but that's way too much even at that potency level. I would think that a milliliter should be more than sufficient. This is just to put the comparison into perspective. If you take 7ml, set aside the whole day, but only a few hours for 1ml. :) . 
  8. The Man Himself
    listen wisely Grasshopper
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    Using for recreation occasionally but mostly for insomnia. So basically faster onset than edibles but the strength is comparable (gram of weed to gram of weed). I think I'll stay shy of 1ml for the first shot. Thanks.
    Not really.  The tincture should have a more complete transfer of the medicine.  Firecrackers are a quick and not very efficient use of your cannabis.  If you made a good transfer of the cannabinoids to the alcohol you should need less tincture than the equivalent amount of a firecracker.
    Start of slow.  You can always take another ml if the initial does is not enough.
  11. Listen to them, start off very small doses
    I tried it then upped the dose to early
    I ended up having a semi-greenout for a full day
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    I knew sam was going to end up in this thread sooner than later. It's like how bks ends up in practically every brownie thread lol. Like they said start off small and work up to where you need it. I did 3 or 4 droppers once and i was nodding out on my couch like i was on painpills. It will put you out if you take too much.
    What can I say? At least my posts don't hijack the thread. I seem to have become the current active resident GD "expert", but, frankly, that's all I do know about. I don't feel that my participation is absolutely necessary for the well-being of the world. I just don't have anybody to talk to and this is my remedy. I prefer to be a fellow blade and not some type of Dalai Lama. You all have handled the question well.  ;)
  14. If i ever have a ticture question you're the first person i ask. You've always came off as more knowledgable that most about tinctures than most. Who's hijacking threads now? You're awesome though man.
  15. Thanks guys. I took half a teaspoon last night and could feel it right away. It helped me get to sleep. I woke up in a little bit of a fog this morning but it lifted after about an hour. I think if I take it a little earlier in the evening I won't have to worry about the fog and i think 0.25-0.5 tsp is the right dose for me for insomnia(unless I'm lookin for a more recreational experience).
    Another question...If I evaporate the alcohol down, will it still hit as fast? It's nice for me because some nigts I just can't get to sleep. I'm in my late 40s and I've had insominia since I was a kid. I started regularly medicating with MJ maybe two months ago. For me, it's working well and it's great to get a good night's sleep.
    By the way, I've been using firecrackers and my only complaint is it takes an hour to take affect. I decarb and make a batch at a time. I think I'm getting a pretty good extraction. I bought some coconut oil last weekend and I'm egar to do an extraction with it then use the cocnut oil for cookies or something.
    Thanks again.
    Reduce it by half and it will still work as fast but it will only take half as much. Half a teaspoon is 2.5ml so I'm not surprised about the fog. Coconut oil is also good but instead of a direct extraction, you can use your GD to make your oil instead. You'll get a much better product without the taste and other issues with direct extraction and you can increase your yield by a significant margin. Everyone should do a direct extraction with coconut oil or butter first though in my opinion so that they have that experience under their belt and better appreciate a solvent transfer.  :)
  17. I'll do the direct extraction first, just for experience :)
    So you're suggesting I make a batch of GD then heat up the oil, mix it with the GD, shakey, shakey? Then would I pour off the alcohol mixture or evaporate the alcohol?
    What taste and other nasties would I get rid of?
    Will the chlorophyll go into the oil or will it stay in the alcohol? Chlorophyll has that long carbon chain hanging off so I think it would go into the fat. I think most of the terpenes would be more soluble in the fat too.
    Sorry to get so detailed. I was a chemist for years and years.
    It's actually easier than that and makes fantastic edibles with no weed taste, just the coconut from the oil. What you do is you get your GD to the concentration that you want, then add it to an equal amount of oil for a 1:1 ratio and then you evaporate off the alcohol, leaving the THC behind in the oil, what's called a solvent transfer. The chlorophyll will transfer along with other plant waxes and oils but they really leave no taste behind. Everyone that tries my edibles, even subtle hard candies, are amazed by the clean, clear taste of the product. 
    That's where knowing your dose comes in. If you're making a small batch of brownies or cookies and you know how many servings it makes, you add enough GD to your oil for that many doses at whatever strength you want, whether mild for daytime or psychedelic couchlock. And you get a lot more yield. There's a guide, several actually, in this thread that shows how to do it with oil, butter, honey and other things and that's in the index linked in the first post, here. :)
  19. Sam You my not be the Dalai Lama,
    But You are the Man...............................
    Thanks for your services to the GC community
    Its greatly appreciated..................

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