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Green Dragon Mishap?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by HarryCanyon, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Due to a recently relocation to a condo in an enclosed building I have been playing with some low odor methods of taking my meds. Made some cannobutter and some baked goods, which were actually damn good (oatmeal cookies and chocolate cupcakes) but a different effect than what I am looking for. Read about the quick acting Green Dragon when takensublingually, as well as the ability to accurately control dose. Sounds great!

    So off on my GD adventure. Found a couple sites and a couple You Tube videos...couldnt be easier! Got me a half oz of some nice dro, some 100 proof Vodka, a mason bell jar and went to town. Finely ground material, added it and the vodka to the jar, put entire thing into a lightproof jar, stored it away in a drawer and shake it once a day. For a month now. Everything exactly like the instructions I had found.

    Then it happened. I made the age old mistake - I searched the net for additional instructions AFTER making something. Ya, you know how this ends. Come to find out that 7 out of 10 instruction sites for GD talk about this "pre-baking" at 200 for 20 or 350 for 8 to "activate" the material. Hmmm... That step was not in what I followed. Also found many people saying that is pure BS and not needed, others saying it it. I then learned that apparently thousands of PhD holding chemists post comments on these instruction sites with lots of fancy chemistry terms. (Or they all found the exact same Wiki page...). While I love the Internet, it has given everyone a voice - even those with absolutely nothing to say based on zero experience who still wonder what the world outside Mom's basement looks like. Makes it fun to try to cut through the BS... So figured I would post this question on a reliable site - where I know the regulars will cut down anyone posting BS! :hello:

    So that is my story. My plan was to take this jar in 2 more weeks, strain it and use it, as per the original instructions.

    I would most sincerely be eternally grateful if I could get some input from a few folks that have actually done this before.

    1) Is that pre-baking step really needed?

    2) Is the "double boil it for 30 minutes" step at the end really needed?

    3) If the pre-baking step is needed, is there anything I can/should do now to save my fairly expensive experiment?

    I am in no rush and willing to do whatever I need to do to save this, or make it the best it can be. Just really hate to go 6 weeks and $200 in to find I am making some dark green tea - with no real potency.
  2. 1)the prebaking isn't absolutely necessary, but it does certainly boost potency. When i say it isn't necessary, i mean that you will still get high drinking your end-product.

    However, in my perspective, decarbing (prebaking) is a crucial step when making green dragon! There is not much you can do now, since the temps needed to decarb can not be reached while it is in the alcohol. (it would light the alcohol on fire)

    Your also made another mistake. You should have used a higher proof beverage, 151 minimum.

    2) if you used the waiting method, it is not needed, but it could help to get the last bits of thc to dissolve and extract

    3) There is not much you can do now to boost potency. I'd say, try a dose of your green dragon and see if you find it to be potent enough compared to the amount of herb used. You probably also didn't decarb when making your butter, and if you liked those effects, chances are you will also find your green dragon enjoyable.A lot of people forgot/didn't know to decarb and still enjoyed their green dragon. If not, go to 4)

    4) If you think your potency is way too low for the amount of herb spent, you could use a double boiler to evaporate all the alcohol and the other fluid that wodka consists of (water?), when everything has evaporated, you will be left with a hashlike substance. Scrape that all together, decarb and then put it in (higher proof) alcohol. (then use master wu's green dragon recipe, this way you don't need to wait for another month)
  3. I would strain/filter it and then put it in a glass pan to evaporate. After the water and ethanol has evaporated, put the dish in the over for 20 min at 220F (or other decarb time and temp if you prefer). You can probably redissolve it back into alcohol if you want. I don't think I would smoke it because there's probably flavors and other shit from the alcohol still in it.
  4. You will be fine. That prebaking supposedly makes the concoction slightly more potent but I'd say most people don't even know about that step
    A month is long enough, I'd say your green dragon is ready
  5. 1) Is that pre-baking step really needed?

    Not needed but makes a difference. Also depends on how much natural activation has taken place with the weed you used. No way to tell.

    2) Is the "double boil it for 30 minutes" step at the end really needed?

    Won't hurt, but not necessary.

    3) If the pre-baking step is needed, is there anything I can/should do now to save my fairly expensive experiment?

    Pour out a small amount, like a fluid ounce and experiment with it. Keep in mind that it will raise your tolerance quickly, and consuming too often will diminish the effects. Best to wait 5-7 days between experiments.

    Valid concept, or just put a smaller amount in a jar with the lid off, out of the light and let 50% evaporate.

    Keep trying, green dragon is a wonderful way to consume.
  6. Well, the results were sad. The material used was of a high quality (1 bag off my Volcano of this stuff would def get my 6'2" self high as a kite). 6 weeks, complete darkness, shaken daily... I even bought a few dark blue glass bottles with dropper tops. (Like $1.50 ea on the net). It I sit there and put 4-5 full dropper's under my tongue, one after the other, holding there for 30-45 seconds each time I feel about as high as if I took a Claritan. I do have an absolutely horrible aftertaste that nothing gets rid of for about 12 hours there is that. An expensive failed experiment.

    Im not loosing hope though. Some people swear by Green Dragon. I will attempt this one more time following the links instructions above exactly. Wish me luck.
  7. Great attitude, you'll love when it works the right way. I would read Badkittysmiles' instructions on prebaking/activating weed. Less heat, more time.

    You can take all that you have left and let most of it evaporate until it is down to an oz or two then go for it. I once did this with some mexi-dirt and was surprised at the results.
  8. So I made a similar mistake, didn't decarb before I added to my 151..
    Got to thinking about it, and I think a solution could be to bake it in something.
    I'm thinking a rum cake, thoughts? This should work right?

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