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Green Dragon in 4 days?? Help please

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Spivey, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. So I know you have to first heat and extract the THC through oven and alcohol, respectively, but is this even possible to do within 4 days? I know longer soaking time = better generally, but there is a deadline coming up :rolleyes::smoke:

    And also, does the alcohol HAVE to be everclear?

    Links would do just fine :) I'm very bad with searching through this huge database for something so specific, and like I said I'm on a time limit hehe
  2. 4 days is plenty long, you only really need longer soak times when dealing with low proof alcohol. does it have to be everclear? no just high proof,the higher the better.
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    Even with Everclear, they say to let sit for like 2 weeks, I've even seen a month, shaken everyday. If you're on a time limit of 4 days, you're going to want to boil.

    Edit: If you activate the THC in the oven first, I don't think you need to wait. But if you going to go through that, might as well boil IMO.
  4. Alrighty, so I think I'm just gonna bake the thc for a bit and then set it in a pot on the stove. but what are the optimum times and temperatures on the stove when using strictly stems, especially if the alcohol isn't so strong (80 proof)? 35 minutes about right? or a little more/less?
  5. You can make it in 4 days, I suggest you use a alcohol with a proof HIGHER than 100-120. First, activate your herb in the oven [either 225 for 20 mins, or 325 for 5 mins, whatever floats your boat: i've done both] and once its done, add it to your alcohol in a mason jar or small pot. If you want it to be ready in 4 days, your gonna need to use your stove. Fill a large pot with 2in of water and put your green dragon mason jar in the water [unsealed; leave the top off], and bring it to a boil. Have a candy/digital thermometer inside the green dragon, and keep the temperature aroudn 165-170 for about 20 minutes by adjusting the fire size on your stove top. Once its done, let it cool, strain, and enjoy.
  6. thanks fumar, that's what i am about to do this very second haha

    i was on a tight time schedule which is why i couldn't search bountyhunter, but thanks anyways. would have been helpful if i had time :)
  7. started a batch on the 9th using cold extraction method. Decided today to boil n strain have bout 5 min till I pull it off the stove. happy 420
  8. cheers!

    i messed up a couple times since i had never done it before and didn't have the instructions in front of me, but fixed the problems and ended up with a nice thc drink to carry around with me :)

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