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Green Dragon Dosage Help?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by StonySmurf, May 4, 2011.

  1. This summer, I am going to be a camp counselor, so I can't toke!

    But, naturally, being a stony bastard I figured out a way to get myself some medicine up north.

    :::Cabinet Green Dragon:::
    4 oz Bacardi 151
    1/4 Green Crack (Grade A)

    It's sitting in a sealed mason jar right now...
    It's gonna be there until June 1st and then gonna strain and put in those cute little tincture bottles with the eye droppers!

    I have no experience with Green Dragon - how much will get me stoned?

    What will the high be like?

    Also, should I go through the trouble of heating the mixture after the 30 days??? Will it get me any additional thc or is it negligible.
  2. typically the conversion is 1g per 1 fl oz [roughly 1g per shot /w mids]. Now, with green crack, you probably only need .5-.6 per fl oz.

    I'd say a half shot is a nice dosage, and a whole shot is some intense stuff. You get slightly tipsy but get really high. I feel like, compared to edibles, it takes a lot less time to kick in, and kicks in stronger but doesnt last as long. Also, it taste HORRIBLE. No matter what you mix it with, it will be strong. The best results I have had is with Sunny D orange juice, and 7up.
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  3. I cant just take 2 mL of it?
  4. sure you can, just won't be very strong. You may or may not feel it being a stony bastard lol
  5. Blargh! I heard of tinctures being strong enough to take 1-2 eyedroppers and it be very strong. Is this unrealistic? supersaturating the alcohol is my goal
  6. With a lower tolerance and a strong tincture 2 droppers might do... with the ratio you're using id probably need 4 myself. But my gf who never medicates only needs 1. Though with another tincture she needed 2-3 for nausea. I used about 1/4 oz to 5 oz of liquid
  7. Green Dragon done this way is not tincture. To make tincture, you need to evap alcohol and extract the herb using heat. To do this, you need to maintain a temp of 169-170F of your weed/alcohol mix for about 20 minutes. You need a double boiler and a thermometer.

    Using the left-out method, you won't get stoned off 2 ml unless you got a really concentrated batch...

    EDIT: Oh wait, Just realized you said 1/4oz green crack to 4 fl oz 151... nvm
  8. Lol thanks much guys :] so i may need up to 4 drops... hmmm ll try this stuff and let you guys know in a little less than two weeks.

    Worst case scenario, I'll do the cooking method Fumar Verde talked about with 200 ML of 151 to with a whole ounce of mids. Ought to be enough for the summer that way :]
  9. I am very interested in green dragon dosing as well. Some places online I have read say 3-5 drops under the tongue. others say half to a full shot (which seems like a lot)

    I put 4 grams of cali dispensary quality J1 buds (decarbed at 220F for 60min) into a small mason jar with 3oz of everclear. I plan on letting this solution steep for 50 days (it is on day 3 currently) and after 50 days I want to evaporate some of the alcohol to increase the THC concentration. any other ways to increase potency?

    also i say you can add sugar or honey to increase flavor. does anybody know if this will compromise the shelf life of this solution?

    my goal was to be able to get high on 3-5 drops that is why i am steeping for 50 days.

    stonysmurf how was your experience with tincture? did 4 drops work?

  10. did 4 drops work?
  11. @indian_stoner
    I do a short quart of decarbed weed to a fifth of frozen ever clear.. Just enough alcohol to shake well in the jar..
    5 minutes is all I wash for then I strain out the weed with a potato ricer and discard or recover the alcohol from with a still or..
    This tincture is strong enough to have a single eyedropper worth under the tongue or in your beverage be a good dose without further reduction..
  12. Only f

    Only for 5 minutes?

    Do you think that after 7 days the alcohol would be supersaturated with thc? Like, will leaving it for 7 days vs 50 make a noticable difference?
  13. @indian_stoner
    Extended soaks pull more chlorophyll from the plant making it even more bitter IME.. All the THC is washed free in the first few minutes from what I've learned.. Even the difference between a 10 and 5 minute soak will have the tincture twice as black and much bitter tasting at least I've found it so..
    I do this as a waste recovery step and as a grower I have the material to run multiple short washes extracting the best of the material as fast as I can..
    I do dry ice hash as my primary extraction and used to toss all the scraps onto the lawn or the soil pile.. It's just in the last couple of months I've started washing large amounts of bud scraps to tincture and then reducing it for RSO..
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