Green Devil Absinthe

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  1. Has anyone ever tried one of these home brewing kits?
    Just wondering if they work well
    im considering buying it thats all
  2. Depends on if you want to drink shit water lol, but nah for real the kits work perfect, really easy comes with instructions I believe. I never bought it or used it, but my friend did, and I tried it. Most disgusting alchoholic beverage ever, I would rather drink straight everclear....But it did do what its supposed to, it made me hallucinate, barely but it was still there.
  3. is it a cool experience?
  4. Yeah it was definately something different and fun to try, but the same effects you could produce with a hit of acid and some strong liqour
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    I've never tried their home brewing kits but I did buy some of their glassware.
    It does not make you hallucinate dude. That was some propaganda bs, it's just a different kind of drunk...that's all.
  6. No it definately does, its not like a trip on acid, or shroom, dmt, or salvia or any psychedelic but there is definately something there.
  7. Yes, like I said it is a different kind a drunk unlike anything else, but it in no way makes you hallucinate. It was propaganda, take 2 minutes to research and you'll find I'm right.
  8. it's either something in the fermented fennelwood, fermented wormwood, fermented cannabis, or fermented coca leaves but idk which
  9. Huh? Are you saying these are all in absinthe? :laughing:
  10. yeah it depends on the company you are getting it from in europe. there's a dude who psoted a pic in the Box a couple months back and on the bottle it said all those and i've read some things online too.
  11. Absinthe in no way makes you hallucinate. I have a bottle in my desk which I bought in Amsterdam last month. It's one of the strongest flavored liquors I have every had; if you don't like licorice don't try it. The amount of thujone (the chemical which is psychoactive and makes you 'hallucinate') in it is too low to cause any hallucinations. The effects of it are only slightly different than any other alcoholic beverage (plus some kind of stimulant, like a Red Bull).

    If I had the chance, I would have spent my €20 on some other alcohol.
  12. This thread is full of absolute failure. There's a search button, I suggest you all use it and read some more absinthe threads on here to learn the real truths about it.

  13. Why would you have to say it's full of failure?
  14. im asking peoples opinions on this brewing kit lol...
  15. :rolleyes:



    .. Sorry, I had to.
  16. Just had absinthe the other day and did not hallucinate, but it's a lovely drink.
  17. Lying on the internet is pointless, because we have access to more than enough information to prove you wrong a hundred times over.
  18. Some friends and I drank ourselves retarded on absinthe one night in Germany and we did not even begin to trip. It's just a different kind of drunk, like others have said before. You feel sloppy and relaxed, but your mind is clear and you feel strangely energetic.

    I have a bottle of Lucid that I bought like a year ago that's barely half's a strong drink. Not for the Mike's Hard Lemonade crowd.
  19. don't waste your money on it, find some real japanese absinthe (made with mercury) it'll make you really hallucinate

    Mercury= the matallic fluid thats in thermostats
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    Mercury = fucking death. You'd die if you drink absinthe containing it or, at the very least, contract mercury poisoning, assuming such a drink even exists.

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