green day:)

Discussion in 'General' started by LittleWing420, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. got up extra early, took the day off school and had a "me" day:smoke:
  2. Good stuff man, i thought you were making a thread about your love for the band.

    Kudos on not.
  3. next thing you know you will be taking days off of work to get high. There is nothing good that comes from this

  4. dont be a downer man. im an engineering student sometimes a break is good.
  5. good for you op. I love those once in a while. Any more details?
  6. Excellent work. I would take a me day as well but its to close to the semester being over plus I have taken my fair share of me days.

    GC should organize a "GC me day" where we all just skip school/work and post in a forum blazed all day. Oh wait that's what grasscity is, nevermind.

  7. ya man. got up super early to go hand in a paper that was due today. came home went for a walk with my dog and got nice and faded. then i went home had some home made cookies and left over pizza. screwed around on the forums a bit. Then had an afternoon nap and now im back :smoke:
  8. sounds like a good time. listen to any hendrix?

  9. yes i was concerned about this as well but it was a slow day for me anyway and im a really good worker after i sober up so i'll probably do some studying tonight.
  10. Your s/n is hilarious :smoke:

  11. shiiit you know it. soon as i walked out the door my headphones were in and hendrix was on

  12. thanks!
  13. haha thats where green day got their band name from. here is what i found when i looked it up, lol, funny story

    "It's an east bay expression about smoking pot all day- well something like that
    A "Green day" is a day spent doing nothing but smoking weed. The guys were watching Sesame Street (don't ask me why) and they heard Ernie say "Today is a green day!" This was funny to them, so one of their songs was soon titled Green Day. They later decided to switch names from Sweet Children to Green Day."
  14. i do this occassionaly as well. Im a student also and every now and then i just say fuck it and lay in bed, email my proffessors that im not coming to class, and do nothing but smoke and do nothing

  15. oh ya ive heard that story:) always thought it was pretty cool
  16. I'm actually blowing off my art class right now. But not to smoke. I have to review for a Algebra test tomorrow and I just got a sixty on my last quiz.

    Went from straight A's in all my classes to barely scraping by within the span of a week and all it took was blowing off two classes to smoke...I'm terrible in math (can't retain anything or focus at all) so I'm constantly having to struggle to keep up with the class and at this point I really have no idea what's going on. I feel like Towely saying that but it is true that I've fucked myself over.

    Oh yes I also have a term paper due tomorrow and there's no possible way that I can get it done so I'm going to skip tomorrow's English class so that I can hand it in on Thursday and just hope I get away with it. Shit just keeps snowballing and I'm letting it happen but I can't seem to get things under control.

    Its a slippery slope bro.

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