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Green Crack

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by drUmlove, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. finally got some.
    Smell is amazing,
    almost a citrus smell, with a hint of pine
    but anyways gets me straight lifted:D



  2. id love to go smoke me a bowl of that right now but im tooo sick. but that shit gets u lifted as fuck thoe. cus i only packed a bowl yesterday before i went to sleep and i was cloud nineing it haha
  3. that green crack looks legit as fuuuhhhh bro nice pickup..check out the green crack in my gallery:smoking:
  4. Nice pick up man, that looks like some primo weed !! :smoking:
  5. I love how green crack looks, it's very distinct too. You know GC when you see it. Awesome buds
  6. Looks amazing!!

  7. haha YES! Also, the smell is very distinct and may I say STRONG.. Green Crack is what got my friend in trouble with a $150 fine in his dorm while me, him, and another buddy were about to be done with our like 3rd bowl of it. My friend didn't get kicked out or anything so it's all good :hello:

    I wish all weed was as potent as green crack.
  8. ell yea.
    sucks about the fine,
    but anybody who's ever had it knows within the second they smell it:D

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