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Green Crack?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by metalhead1, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. hey guys, im new to smoking. Got my own weed for the first time and its called green crack?
    Anyone have any of this before?
  2. If that really is green crack then you got a good ass dealer my friend.

    also that bud looks damn nice
    Prepare to get wrecked my friend.
  3. haha thanks man. My cousin smokes alot so he hooked me up from a buddy of his.
  4. Nice I have never. Let us know how it is.
  5. I been seeing that stuff for 15 years. we call it ronald mcdonald because of the red hair. what you have there is an exceptionally good example of B.C. export grade. known affectionatly as "Beesters". but as I say a really high quality example
  6. green dankkkkkk if you ask me
  7. what if it the smoke is so good that is called green crack:rolleyes:
  8. Mang you gotta lucky first pickup. Stay with your connect and iM sure hell be hookin u up. That isnt even a good macro but I can tell its smokin (no pun intended)
  9. haha yea man just took a photo class for senior year, having some troubles with the macro setting, couldnt get that shit in focus.

    thanks for all the replys , for sure will update you on how it goes
  10. green crack is definitely a great strain, its been a while since i've had some
    toke on

  11. There is no way this is beasters...
  12. what he said
  13. green crack aka o.g. kush?
  14. I agree, beasters is a high quality dro, which this isnt.

  15. some beasters is actually pretty damn good, and i think that is beasters too

  16. This isn't beasters wtf are you talking about. Thats some good quality piff.
  17. Yeah... so there IS such a strain as CRACK... i've had pineapple crack before and it was probably in the top 5 strains i've EVER smoked...too bad i was pushing it and left my head stash at my buddy's house and his parents smoked like 3 g's and called it the wackiest weed ever...yeah all in all if it really is crack be ready to get real fuckin' high...
  18. Hey man enjoy that. It looks dank.

  19. No Green Crack and OG Kush are 2 different strains. I know there are other people who can go into further detail, but OG Kush is a hybrid while Green Crack is a sativa, or sativa dominant hybrid. Green crack is definitely a good strain though.
  20. #20 vagrant, Sep 27, 2009
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2009
    i dunno, everybody's definition of beasters is different... but i personally define beasters as lower grade sensimelia prevalent in pistils but not trichomes... or, if those are foreign terms, hairy but not crystally.

    something like this is what i would consider beasters...


    now, just comparing the two pictures, i'd call what you got dank, or better grade bud than beasters.

    EDIT: sorry for the ninja, but this was to try and clear up the beasters vs. dank argument going on in this thread.

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