Green crack

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Komatose, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Anybody else ever come upon this strain? I just got a half eighth of it and it's dank as fuck. I don't have any pictures though, i smoked it too fast. Just wondering if anyone else ever heard of it or had it before. Lol it is like crack though the kids won't stop calling asking for it:D
  2. I remember hearing this name before but I don't remember exactly where.
  3. One of my favorite strains...
  4. yup green crack is some dank ass shit ive only got to smoke it once the home girl offerd
  5. i had some around me for awhile and woooowww.... haha.... shit is dank for sureeeee.... smells bomb, tastes bomb, and gets u sooooooo ripped.
  6. I wanna try some soooo bad...along with several other AAA, IMPOSSIBLE to find strains (aside from being in california)
  7. never heard of it.

    but when i came across the thread i thought i was going to see pics of green crack rocks and shit like that.
  8. Im found some at my aunts last time I went over, its pretty dank. sativa I heard.

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