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Green crack

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by visionaryarteest, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. It's good. :)
    Super dense, super sticky

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  2. I got this strain a couple weeks ago! Loved it :)

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  3. Looks delicious, wish it was easier to get good shit like that here

    Bird + Weed + Papers = Good time
  4. My buddy sent me an oz of this when I get off prob. It was only 2 buds each weighed 14 grams lol. Some of the best bud I ever had

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  5. Looks super frosty, very nice pick up.  :smoke:
  6. Looks legit brother.  GC is one of my favorites.  :smoke:
  7. Yeah this bud is definitely a night time smoke. I've had it all week now and it seems just about every time I smoke it, I end up falling into a deep deep sleep

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  8. weird, usually green crack has the opposite effect on me. 
  9. Yeah, other cuts of green crack were definitely more uplifting.
    But this is more of a chilled out high, can be uplifting for about an hour, then the sleepiness begins to consume me lol

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  10. Yeah man Green Crack is for sure a sativa so you'd get different effects. Maybe your guy told you it was green crack but really its something completely different?
  11. Never seen any GC look like that. Maybe a cross strain?? Here's some green crack straight from the club. Extremely dense nugs, and a stank to it that only some GC can produce ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413269428.149620.jpg
  12. Nice buds OP! :)

    Some super Sativas actually have the same effect on me, depending on the strain, some Sativas are soooo heady, I just want to close my eyes and let my mind wander, often it wanders into dream land, where I'm awake but on another

    Green Crack, Durban Poison, and some cuts of Sour Diesel do this to me, love it.
  13. cool have grown 2x and recomend the humbolt seeds pheno golden mango smell and full fruity mango flavor
    whats not to love .
  14. Seems like an odd Effect for something Labled "Green Crack" ...shouldnt it be a Sativa?
  15. I have some green crack right now popcorn buds from a medical state and it is definitely a head high big time but when it wears off I can get pretty damn tired.
  16. I think it traditionally is, but you never know what affect phenotypes and such have.
  17. "Phenotypes"??? srry, still a noob...
  18. A genotype is the genetic makeup of an organism (ie - the "code" that makes an organism the way it is).

    A phenotype is the observable characteristics of the specific genotype that arise due to the genotype's interaction with it's environment.

    Here's a rough example:


    Say the above is Green Crack and the two parents are Skunk #1 and the unknown strain. That is the genotype of the strain that is inherited from both parents, like a blueprint, so the basis of the strain will always be similar. But any of the above phenotypes (BB, Bb, Bb, bb) can then become dominant during the life cycle due to a variety of factors. resulting in: an indica stone when expecting a sativa high, or unexpected purple buds, or vigorous growth when you were expecting small, bushy plants etc. etc.

    Leafly have a good write-up on it in regards cannabis here - Cannabis Genotypes and Phenotypes: What Makes a Strain Unique?

    And after having a rake around the Leafly site it seems that Green Crack actually may have two different genetic lineages, the sativa oriented strain descended from Skunk #1 and another rarer indica variety descended from an Afghani strain - Green Crack Strain Information

    If you're interested, you can check out Mendelian Inheritance. That dude knew what was up, but really, as a species, we don't particularly know much about genetics at all.
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  19. Got some Green Crack around the end of August, had me trippin every night. Most energetic and uplifting high ever! The true definition of a sativa strain if you ask me.

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