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Green Crack

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by HighAsPhuck, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Has anyone smoked this stuff? It gets me so high. Head high.
  2. Hell yeah, I definitely enjoy some Green Crack, my friend.
  3. I love Green C. good sativa, I heard that some medical clubs (at least in CA) sometimes use Hog's breath as the name of the strain instead of Green CRACK

  4. Dream Queen is the pc name for Green Crack.
  5. music is what i shouls listen toz green crack is fine :) Always delicious
  6. Tastes delicious!! High just didn't last too long...I'd say an hour at the most.

  7. Hog's Breath is an old school strain bro, completely different thing...i've been trying to find some seeds or sack of it myself for awhile now, was supposid a real good strain back in the day

    but definitely a fellow Green Crack enthusiast, the high is definitely a unique high, definitely deserves its name, not sure if i like green crack or trainwreck more!
  8. Green crack is one of my favorites:)
  9. Im vaping some green crack crossed with space queen and it's great
  10. Ohhhh yeah :D The shit made me hyper and active after a few hits. Pretty bomb :smoke:

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