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  1. I have 3 (used to be 4) green crack autos from Fast Buds growing in DWC buckets in a 4x4 tent. When I started them I had them all packed together, thinking I could produce more by packing a bunch of plants in here. It didn't work out and I spread them out. It helped, but they'de be fuller if I had spread them out from the beginning.

    #1 on Day 97 (1st 2 pics) should be ready any time now. I keep checking the trichomes, but they're still all clear. #2 (pic 3) lagged behind and flowered late. It was a strong seedling, but I dropped an air pump on it and it was never the same. #4 (pic 4) is just a little behind #1 for some reason. And, I have a few babies getting ready (sour diesel auto, jackmatic autos, original amnesia, and glueberry OG. The little stump between the #1 & #2 by the air pump is an OG Kush CBD. Despite the (many) setbacks from learning by mistakes, I'm optimistic and am looking forward a nice little harvest very soon.
    #1 Day 97.jpg #1 Day 97 b.jpg #2 Day 97.jpg #4 Day 97.jpg New Girls.jpg
  2. Can anyone confirm that this is nutrient burn on these leaves? What about that leaf in the middle? This one is close to finished, so I've been mostly just giving it micro and bloom. But, I'm relatively new to growing and I could benefit from any knowledge about this.
  3. thats rusting which is normal towards the end of flowering

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  4. I knew the leaves would deteriorate in some way toward the end, but wasn't sure exactly what to expect. Thanks for the feedback.
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  5. GC-1: Day 98. Trichomes.

    S20170713_0001.jpg S20170713_0002.jpg S20170713_0003.jpg
  6. you have some amber wait another week and check you should be good to go

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  7. Looks awesome! What are you using to check your trichomes? I have a 60x-100x pocket microscope but it's a challenge to to use for this any suggestions?
  8. Digital microscope from Amazon

    The software that comes with it allows you to view the live feed on your pc, take snap shots, take time lapse photos, and record video. I am very pleased with it. I've used pocket microscopes, too. I can't hold it still enough to get a good look with them. I connected those 2x4s to the tent poles with 5/8" clamps. Then I clamp the microscope base to the 2x4 with the clamp from the little circulation fans. Or, I'll also use a TV tray. That works pretty good, too.
  9. I tried to put a link to it, but failed. Here's the product title.

    Plugable USB 2.0 Digital Microscope with Flexible Arm Observation Stand for Windows, Mac, Linux (2MP, 250x Magnification)
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  10. Thanks man! I appreciate it!
  11. tw1gy have one on ebay for 13 bucks

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    Flushing #1 today. Plan to harvest Thursday night. Should I trim the fan leaves off of the plant while it's flushing or should I wait til the day of harvest?

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  13. Harvested GC1 on day 112. Cut it up and clipped the fan leaves, then weighed it at 695g with stems and sugar. At 70% loss to drying it will weigh about 7.4 oz. minus stems and sugar. I'm pretty happy about this being my 2nd (and last) indoor hydro grow. I've learned a lot and have a lot to learn. But, this is good progress, for sure.


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  14. Day 126 for the last one. She was traumatized once during seedling and once during early-mid bloom. I just fed her a ripen nutrient solution today. Will harvest in a week and be free from hydroponics. Maybe 2 ounces I hope.


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