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Green Crack and Kali Kush

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by wunschshrek, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. Got some new stuff,

    First one is green crack, second two is the kali kush.

    Only complaint, it tastes like my friend fed it nutes for a bit to long, cause it has that unflushed taste a tiny bit.

    Don't mind the leaves, he grows for personal use and doesn't trim the buds, so when he trims what im getting, he does a half ass job lol.

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  2. Both buds look bomb as fuck, even with the half assed trim job and unflushed taste I'd still pay good money for them.
  3. Thanks -- Yeah its potent just a lil harsh on the throat, but nothing terrible.

    I got 10 beans just laying in the bottom of the bag, already got them germing between 2 paper towels lol.
  4. Both looks dank as hell, nice grab.

  5. Thanks brah, +rep to you

    edit: ill hit ya in 24 hours, to much rep i gave out so far today
  6. #7 wunschshrek, Apr 16, 2009
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    Yeah he doesn't like to trim it, he just smokes it with big leaves on there, he doesn't mind smoking the leaf.

    So I can't really bitch lol, he charges me low enough for it to not really matter anyway.

    Checking out your grow, I got one too but im to lazy to look up the URL for ya.

    They are only 5 days old now anyway so nothing to exciting, doing 9 plants indoors and planning on putting a few outdoors.

    I got 10 beans in the kali kush today too so im gonna have to find a spot for those bad boys while the weather is right.
  7. nice pick up
  8. Only got like 3 grams left of the green crack =/

    Getting something new hopefully before I run out.
  9. How would you describe the smell of the kali kush ?
  10. Get in my bong you sweet looking reefers now !
  11. Some daaannnkk

  12. This made me laugh out loud and I dont know why lol
  13. The OP is dead, sucks eh?

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