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Green Burgers

Discussion in 'General' started by PokerToker09, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. I must warn you before you continue to read this post; I am absolutely addicted to this, and tobacco is detrimental to my health.

    Proceed at your own risk...

    The green burger is when tobacco (bun) is placed at the bottom of a bowl. Next, is the marijuana (100% Ganja Beef). After this we place kief (secret ingredien). Then to seal it all off we place the closing tobacco (bun helps burn crystals better).

    Light the entire bowl; get the entire bowl cherry'd, with your lighter on it from start to this point. Now remove the lighter and inhale at the same rate you normally would in you life (not smoking). Once it's done burning place your light back on until you cash the entire bowl, then cash the hit (all in one breath). Continue to breath through your nose after hit is complete (with mouth closed). Finally, release slowly, expelling lungs fully, and take a finally slow, cleansing through the nose, out the mouth breath.

    Well, that's all, no big deal or anything... but who knows! It may just become your next strangest addiction! :bongin:
  2. no tobacco, I love salads tho
  3. It will not become my next strangest addiction! No thanks!

    Weed gets me plenty high without tobacco :laughing:
  4. So what's it called when you pack the bottom with herb and kief the top

  5. I have a ton of kief but no herb this morning...what to do?

  6. Clearly you just want to throw the kief away.
  7. I'll have the occasional cigarette, but tobacco in a bong is poor.

    I recently had my first hash/mix bowl with my buddy, layering from bottom to top: weed, budder, sift hash, more weed, kief, and then dried mint leaves on top.

    The mint was used to supply heat to vaporize the concentrates below it, as opposed to lighting them on fire directly, it tastes good and its better for you than tobacco :D
  8. Fuck it - I'm going in.

    You only live once, as far as we know...
  9. Wow. That's an interesting... "color" added.

    Yeah, wow.

    But I don't recommend doing. Tobacco does suck.

  10. you're right

  11. [quote name='"alwaysloweyes"']
    I have a ton of kief but no herb this morning...what to do?[/quote]

    Just pack some resin then put the kief on top

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