Green and curled leaves

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  1. Hello my plant is on day 33 and it is very green with curled leaves
    I use an aerogarden xl to grow it and give it the aerogarden plant food every 14 days
    The light cycle is 18/6
    Any idea it's not growing well?

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  2. RH could be a little to low for those big India leaves, also might have light to close and plant not stretching for light. But I don't know anything about the way you are growing your plant. I use promix or coco. Maybe someone else might know what's going on with her.
  3. wrong food , or wrong amounts of food . Something is off with your nuts to much of this less of that .
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  4. very green as above is way too much nute, ease of the nutes next is the nute burn

    good luck

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