greek referendum on bail-out

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    some of you might know about the bail out plan from last week for greece, the djia was up more than 400 on the highs of thursday

    their pm and cabinet say today greek people should vote to see if they should take the money??

    greek government needs money so they dont default, EU says they need to make budget cuts, greek people dont want budget cuts,

    but do greek people also not want their government to default? and how will they vote?

    what are your opinions and predictions
  2. They should default completely, say "fuck you" to the EU, get out of the Euro, and regain their sovereignty.

    Also the Dow going up means nothing. It's just speculation caused by the easy money flowing from the Fed. There is no real growth happening. America's economy is not getting any better. A higher Dow just means the inevitable crash will be that much more severe.

  3. i meant other people's opinions and predictions not yours
  4. Oh yeah, I forgot you have a hatred for truth. My bad.

  5. ok i'll let it slide this time, next time i wont be so merciful.
  6. I think if Greece falls Europe goes into a depression and then the US will follow. Thats why the EU and Obama are for this Greek bail out. Obama, Sarkozy and Merkel want to get reelected so they are as a previous poster said kicking the can down the road. greece is fucked right now no matter what they do, I wouldn't be surprised if the referendum failed.
  7. If Greece votes out of the Union, the U.N. and U.S. will probably have to send troops to "restore order" or something.:rolleyes:
  8. Bernanke has already said our banks were significantly exposed to Europe, what a surprise.. Give the banks total control and they take our economy hostage.
  9. Leave the euro, take control over your own finances and sovereignty.
  10. Greece will probably vote no to the bailout and then default. It is not avoidable, and any efforts otherwise will simply kick the can down a little further the road until the crash does happen. Nothing else can be done about it except default.Nothing.

    What happens if they bail out Greece and it lasts for another year or so? What about Portugal? Spain? Portugal would require something like 7X the amount of bailout the little greece, at least that is what I have read. What happens then? Cant find the sources on that 7x bit, getting ready for some bf3 and a lil lazy to boot.

    At this point it is only a matter of when those tinfoil-hat people are vindicated by the reality of the shitstorm fast approaching.
  11. This article about sums it up. If they default we're on the hook 10x our original exposure? Thanks to the federal reserve and its 16 trillion credit default swaps.. Sound fair?

    Have Big Banks Been Increasing Their Europe Exposure? - Stocks To Watch Today -

  12. Of course they should default.

    But then again, at this point, anyone who believes printing more money will get them out of this deserves it.
  13. Most people here seem to get it. They should just leave the Euro. That will however most likely mean that countries like Spain, Italy and Ireland are next. It might be the start of the downfall of the Euro, something I'm not exactly remorseful about.
  14. you guys realize the consequences of greece breaking up the euro right?

  15. the consequences will never be the same
  16. The bailout is a band-aid for a bullet wound
  17. The Euro would most likely fail. The Greek economy will suffer at first, then Spain, Italy and Ireland will follow. After that France, dragging Germany down with it. At some point during this process my country will be hit as well, as well as other small Euro countries.
    We might face years of recession, maybe even depression and perhaps poverty. All of this is worth it if you ask me. Fuck the EU.
  18. You realize that Greece will default on it's debts regardless of what the EU plans, right?

    It's either default now, or wait till the house of cards collapses under it's own weight.
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    When are they voting I want to watch the markets crash.

    I'm thinking its probably going to result in National Socialism throughout much of Europe and the US. People will blame capitalism its really tragic.

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