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  1. I have a theory that some Greek philosophers we're really just messing with less educated people for their own amusement. Have any of you ever thought of this as a possibility?

    I mean, I devote a few minutes of my day usually to messing with people, but these guys just may have devoted their lives to it.

    If so, what a badass way to live out your life.:confused_2:

  2. Greek philosophy was stolen, I mean "influenced", from either Egypt, or eastern Asia, including Persia. Greeks are way too adulated... IT'S A WHITE MAN'S WORLD!
  3. Fuxk the Greeks.

    They're gonna kill me now.
  4. One of the motives for the Greek philosophers to speak to a crowd could have been for their own amusement. Very likely.

    Sort of like me when I post stuff on GC.

    I post it for my own entertainment.

    Couldn't careless what the reader might think about it... well, may be I care a little...

  5. That's kind of what I'm getting at. Most of us do little things to amuse ourselves with other peoples' reactions to what we do. These guys may have just taken it to the extreme.
  6. Nah, I think they just wanted to teach the hoards of ancient ignorants about Life and its most important aspects.
  7. Well, if Plato's writings are taken to be at all rooted in reality, many of the Greek philosophers were definitely huge trolls who basically did nothing but get drunk and fuck with people (literally and figuratively.) Of course, this doesn't mean that they weren't very influential and just means that they also were dicks. :smoke:
  8. That's all of ancient greece. They knew what orgies were really about. :D
  9. I love to get drunk and fuck with people by talking philosophy. It is one of my favorite past times.

    If anyone knows something, it is that they know nothing. That is all Socrates did to people, showed them how they thought they were smart but actually they were idiots and he would just talk them into circles. Pretty fun thing to do.

  10. I do that pretty often. I admire them for being so good at what they did.
  11. If that's the case than Greek philosophers and myself and more in common than I thought.

  12. Sadly, no, I don't think it was quite like that for the majority of the population. Only the elites got to live in such a manner. Most were working class or even slaves.

    Probably still hella drunk though. They were just working more often than fucking/fucking-with. Also, only the elites were allowed to have young boys as lovers. The rest of the population was basically forced into heterosexuality. Not to rain on your parade or anything. :p

  13. ur missing his point, i say this about my self all the time

    i guess the whore houses were jus for show

    anyone have any favorite greek philosophers? my fav of all philosophers is diogenes < that is my fuckin hero
  14. No I got his point, I was just commenting.

    I think the actual Greek philosophers probably had agendas other than making people look stupid. They were probably more interested in teaching the people they were fooling, but it is impossible to learn if you think yourself wise already.

    Besides, I hear the Sophists were pretty fucking annoying. Professional talkers who just lied out the ass for money... sounds like pastors/priests eh?
  15. Socrates use to walk the streets of Athens asking people all sorts of philosophical questions jus to fuck with there ideologies and mindset. he sounded like the man.
  16. Those guys have lost control of themselves.

    They've let themselves get away too much.

    So deeply lost in the fight, they've completely forgotten what they were fighting for.

    Like in this instant.

    I'm completely lost to where I am.

    What was I saying?

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