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  1. :D

    [ame=""]YouTube - I'm On A Boat (ft. T-Pain) - Album Version[/ame]
  2. flippy floppies.

  3. lol what the fuck

  4. reminds me of the show weeds :)

  5. Man I been wonderin that since getting here...........
  6. What's sad is that this one of the best rap songs to come out lately.

  7. Seriously, it was actually a good song, really catchy and well put together. Man, I wonder if the two white guys were really rapping.
  8. Yeah, those two white dude were really rapping. Those three white dudes at the beginning are part of a group called The Lonely Islands... They have some alright stuff, usually kinda cheesy but funny.
  9. haa dude this was on saturday night live last saturday. it was funny ish. Those dudes are hilariously funny. Yea it is a dope song, t-pain legit haaaa. dude this song is so funny to watch.
  10. all of andy sambergs videos get me weak as hell haha
  11. Fuck trees I climb buoys mothafucka

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