Greatness Personified

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  1. Left side Greatness, Right side rapist

  2. in 3 years and with his retirement, kobe will be considered the greatest player of all time

    so the fuck out of here with your blatant hate for one of the greatest ever

  3. get the fuck out of here with your blatant homerism bullshit.

    kobe will never be the greatest player ever lol....get over it.
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    Its missing lebrons new trophy but it doesnt really matter.

  5. oh yeah? kobe averaging 25-30 the next 2 seasons and winning 2 titles or 3 peating, and he will be considered the greatest ever. so how about you fuckin stop with the blatant bias towards kobe
  6. Jordan >>>>>>>> Kobe

  7. Jordan didn't need the best and most dominant center in the game TWICE to win titles.

    Kobe didn't do shit until Gasol came along. And how about his atrocious game 7 performance against boston for his 5th...

    Jordan changed the game, I'm sure your like 16 so you don't even know what you're talking about. From your posts in the NBA forum, it just confirms it.

    You're another moronic laker fan that just blows kobe every chance you get.
  8. Such a dumb argument lol. Don't feed Mista the troll.

    No intelligent person believes Kobe is the best ever.

  9. Not saying I disagree, but now you're just stooping down to his level.
  10. Cool photo. Really captures the essence of 'passing the torch'

  11. Uhm, according to the court he was innocent? Anyways, as a guy myself.. I admire Kobe for that lol, he was getting ass left and right those days.

    Back to the point though, I don't think he'll be personified as the greatest player ever (referring to Kobe Bean Bryant) but he'll definitely be the second best player to ever play this game.
  12. the title is "Greatness personified"

    if you don't think Kobe is great, then you're just a hater. plain and simple. you don't need to compare Jordan to Kobe. How about you compare Kobe to all the other players that came and went through his time?

    give credit where credit is due, damn.

  13. Maybe in fed court, but there was a civil case as well and he settled out of court which means him and his lawyers knew they couldnt win, any normal person would have been put straight into jail.
  14. If he didnt want them compared why a picture of both and not just kobe? He just wanted to hate on MJ.

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