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Greatest Weekend Ever.

Discussion in 'General' started by JRilla, May 30, 2004.

  1. Holy fuck. This long weekend I think was honestly the highest I have ever been.

    Heres how it all went down.

    Thursday Night: Me and 1 freind went to a freinds house, got 7 grams, smoked most that night. Had a fucking fun ass time.

    Friday Morning: Woke up burnt as hell, and had a nice wake-n-bake.

    Friday Afternoon: Smoked a little bit more from what we had left from the 7 grams.

    Friday Night: Me and 2 freinds went back to freinds house, and got 12 grams. Wow, that night was fucking intense. I was already high from earlier that day, and that more weed just got me fucked up.

    Saturday Morning: Wake-n-bake, as usual.

    Saturday Afternoon: Smoked a bit more, realy got my high back.

    Saturday Night: Just I went to my freinds house, we got about 3 grams, smoked it all that night. Fun night, wewere eating god damn lemons, lol.

    This Morning: Just hung out a little bit, then went home.

    Right now is the only time I have been even close to fully sober since Thursday, hell, im still kind of burnt.

    Stayed at a freinds house 3 nights in a row, all together we smoked more then 20 grams, and I got fucking HIGH! I mite be going back tonight also, gotta see whats going on. :)

    Happy Smoking All! :D
  2. thrusday was syked for the 4 day weekend.... got some painkillesr, went to 'match' painkillers with a friend (LOL)...friday didnt do jack shit, saturday friend got a new 2fter, 2 chambers, acrylic female.... smoked a dub out of that, did some more painkillers, had a bottle of Bacardi151 and today my friend is finally getting hsi qp ...so theres gonna be plenty a blunts and bong bowls.....
  3. friday morning-evening...smoked, then friday night went out, got a liter of buckfast, 2 yokes, my friend got a 1/4 of hash, a very good night, then saturday during the day didn't do much, saturday night early went out and drank a liter bottle of vodka between me and 1 friend, went and got another 1/4, then 1 yoke, went out and haven't smoked all day until there an hour ago.

    Hope everyone had a mad weekend, and it's only 5 days till the next weekend.

    20 grams, that's not even an ounce, 28 grams in an ounce..in the past 8 days me and friends have smoked 3 ounces, it's still a right bit of toking.
  4. sounds good, simular to my agenda
  5. Last night me and 3 kids had this badass shit called Sweet Tooth I beleive. It smells like Fruity Pebbles. :D

    We got fucking 8 grams for $30, and this shit fucked us up! My freind is realy good freinds with this dealer, so we got a crazy deal.
  6. yesterday was sunday and i drank 40 oz malt liquor and smoked a couple nugs.... :)

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