Greatest Thing Ever Invented

Discussion in 'General' started by T0tallyDan, May 23, 2010.

  1. I fucking love them.I need to buy some to bring back memories
  2. I always get addicted then end up cutting my mouth and tongue on the ends.
  3. Otter pops for me.
  4. I eat like a whole pack at a time. Its $2.50 for like 50 of them.
  5. Nah, how to make fire was the greatest invention ever :D
  6. I liked the cola ones best, they were hot shit in the 90s :p

    Ffs I want one so badly now it's too warm today :D
  7. I'm too lazy to freeze them, I just drink them out of the cellophane.
  8. win.:)
  9. LOL I used to do that when I was a kid. Drove my Mom crazy. I'm not sure why :confused_2:
  10. I work outside so we fill the cooler with ice and throw some salt in there and it gets down to like 25 degrees. Makes them like slushi status. I got like a huge drawer in the freezer dedicated to them. I love to chew on ice lol.
  11. 1) Grab jumbo freezie
    2) Cut off top and eat the nub (you know what I'm talking about ;) )
    3) Enjoy
    4) Sip the melted stuff from the bottom
    5) Repeat
    7) Profit
  12. You know what up my man. :smoking:

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