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Greatest strain EVER?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jakethecreator, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. So yesterday my father's friend smoked some green with us, and he says it called Casey Jones, a combo of Sour D and Trainwreck. He says it was grown by his buddy in California. It's light green and COVERED with bright orange hairs. I had 3-4 small hits from a joint, and I got really baked. It's my new favorite strain, but i'd never heard of it before then. Has anyone else experienced this godly strain?
  2. Casey jones is a legit fuckin strain when its grown right. Havent seen any in a fuckin while though... maybe a dispensary quest is due lol
  3. Real OG Kush.
  4. Well he only had a quarter of it left, and my dad got a gram. It's probably all gone by now. :[
  5. The greatest part about it is he wanted 20 a gram for it, which is a normal price for good shit here, but shit like that is usually a bit more.
  6. Ive seen the strain in the hightimes magazine.

  7. Nope. My favorite is GDP or maybe green crack or orange kush. I had some crazy shit called block head one time, and some blue crack (green crack x blue dream) which tasted great.
  8. I havent smoked it but Mataro blue looks good.[ame=""][/ame]
  9. personally ive enjoyed a lot of strains and honestly i dont think there is a "best strain". it's there's a lot personal taste involved in it. actually im a real sucker for anything purple just because it's different looking but personal favorites would be...

    Real OG Kush
    Grape Ape
    Green Crack
  10. Sour Diesel = Overrated
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    Havent been smoking long (8 months) but the best strain that i have ever had was this homegrown super hydro called versace. The buds were sooo crystally the you couldnt see green in them. Just pure white with crystally orange hairs. This shit was sooo sticky that it would stick to the plastic bag like tape. God i miss that shit.
  12. I dont think anything can fuck with real OG Kush.

  13. Trainwreck = Overrated
  14. ohh so many mein... ak47, white widow, DRO, soud d, purps... i love em all
  15. #18 420BONGZILLA420, Aug 9, 2011
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    Dro isnt a strain. Dro is used to describe the method it was grown i.e. hyDROponically.

    a great strain that new fails is white widow... greatest feeling EVER.
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    My top 3:

    Afghan Trainwreck
    Hawaiian OG

    GAH! That shit was the best :)

    Hawaiianwaa the first quarter I bought.

    I've smoked like 10 different GDP's all of them except a couple were on the super dankness scale.

    I remember matching on a sack getting a quarter of Afghan Trainwreck, going holy shit this shits fucking dank, smoking it, waking up the next day.
  17. The best bud never has a name and comes around once in your lifetime. You'll become so high that you forget to really appreciate it for what it was, causing you to embark on "Kief Quest", the search for the godly unknown strain.

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