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Greatest Munchie Foods?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by StonedImaculate, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I wasnt sure if anyone has made this thread yet, I couldnt find it. so I figured we could share some of our favortie home made munchies foods :). (fast food doesnt count)

    One of my favorite munchies food is Nachos.
    Group snack 1-10 : 7 (its a good group snack, but they run out fast...)
    Simplicity 1-10: 8 (all you have to do is get some chips and throw a little cheese on it man, you can do that even if you are stoned)
    Tastiness 1-10: 7 (if you make it in a bowl, then unfortunately only the chips on the top get cheese, if you use cheese dip I would probably say its an 8 or a 9)

    (Special, or normal)
    Group Snack 1-10: 9 (these are definately a great group snack)
    Simplicity 1-10: 4 (If you can actually get your act together to make these, its totally worth it)
    Tastiness 1-10: 10 (Brownies are absolutely fucking delicious!!)

    Group Snack 1-10: 8 (with so many of them, everyone can have some)
    Simplicity 1-10: 10 (You dont need to do anything, just chew lol )
    Tastiness 1-10: 7 (Personally, I like grapes, some dont)

    Group Snack 1-10: 8 (well if you have a whole cake)
    Simplicity 1-10: 2 (unless you buy it, baking a cake can be a bitch)
    tastiness 1-10: 10 (Chocolate cake is the winner :p )

    Group Snack 1-10: 9 (a whole pizza can feed many hungry people)
    Simplicity 1-10: 7 (Personally, I hate ordering pizza when Im high, it makes me uncomfortable :(, but on the bright side you dont need to do anything once its at your door)
    Tastiness 1-10: 8 (I like pizza, again, some dont...)

    Well those are a few of my favorites, how about you guys?
  2. Perry's rainbow sherbet is sooo good high.
  3. Just ate 2 hot dogs with BBQ sauce, mustard and ketchup. Mmmm.
  4. maybe its just me but Saltine Crackers with the delicious Salsa i forget name of

    Group - 6
    Simplicity - 9
  5. Caramel corn with nuts is the best cause it is salty and sweet.
  6. this sub place near my house, when your really baked its embarrasing to order but totally worth it. huge, bulging, hot, meaty, cheesy delicious subs and tons of fries.
  7. wow, that sounds fukin delicious trippin on my last bit of weed and vicodin and hugry as hell
  8. REALLY buttery popcorn tastes absolutely amazing when stoned out of your mind.
  9. Pizza for sure, as a matter of fact Im cookin a red barron supreme right now, after a couple rips out of my bong!:yummy:
  10. good ole' chocolate chip cookie dough, uncooked. although too much will make me sick.
  11. your moms vajay is pretty good
    group: 7
    simplicity: 10
    taste 12
    JK :D
  12. this isn't a food its a drink but if you ever see this you need to get it it's called fuze and it is the greatest drink i have ever had and it tastes even better when im stoned
  13. I had fuze before, and it is indeed pretty damn good :D
  14. I like to drink many sodas when im stoned, its like a flavor explosion. Thats what me and my bros say to each other and then laugh....dude its like a flavor explosion hahahaha.
  15. Chinese food is the best tasting stuff ever when you're stoned.
  16. Ice cream owns baked!
  17. peanut butter and honey sandwich. fucking bliss
  18. I always like to order a lot of food off the dollar menu at Wendy's or anything like that. Also Chewy Sweet Tarts are amazing.
  19. all you fools dont know!?!?! let it be know, SONIC SLUSHIES ARE THE BEST SHIT EVER TO DOWN WHENEVER YOU ARE UNDER THE INFLUENCE.... TASTY!!! ans while your there the burgers are the shit. and the tater tots with chille and cheese are to die for!!!!! SONIC 4 LIFE!!!:hello:

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