Greatest let down

Discussion in 'General' started by Bakedassninja, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. So I'm chillin in my kitchen and then this fine ass chick texted me and was like come see Ted with me, I got mad excited an was like fasho playing it off like I didn't care and then like 10 mins later she's like nvm I can't.... Fuckin got my hopes up.. Let's hear Ur greatest let down stories of all time
  2. well atleast shes feelin you..
  3. Ya what he said, text her and say you down to go this weekend or whenever.
  4. Either shes fucking with your head, or shes fucking with your head. Its up to you to decide which it is
  5. She probably said she cant cause you were playing it off. Ive done that to many times

  6. Most girls would definitely prefer it over a guy who is instantly/openly excited and eager to hang out with them
  7. she changed her mind! The come up! Ahahaha
  8. Does she blaze? If so do so before the movie.
  9. Good shit bro. Good luck on whatever happens next
  10. My life's goal was to be a pilot in the air force then around 16 or 17 I started losing my hearing and the hearing impared cant join the military much less be a pilot.

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