Greatest Ice Breaker ever

Discussion in 'General' started by NoMercy, May 3, 2011.

  1. Ever seen the girl/guy you like standing alone, and you dont know what to say to them?

    Well, I was huffing my own farts, and came up with the greatest conversation starter

    It would go like this

    *Person you like is standing by himself/herself"

    You: Haba biba jiba joo jahisha jooha
    Them: What? *confused look on face*
    You: Just kidding, I speak english.

    Bada bing, bada boom

    now the conversation has started, and you can take off from there.

    Your welcome blades.
  2. then i saw your avatar and was like no man. just no
  3. What about " Hey "
  4. I'm going to try this later tonight thanks!
  5. this is my favorite icebreaker,
    get ready...............


    oh yeahhh :cool:
  6. girls get really icey with me too, guys.

    lets kill ourselves. (just joking)
  7. if i was a girl i'd say you're stupid and walk away

    but then again having a vagina changes everything

  8. i hate it when they do that. i just start screaming.

    "COME BAAACK!!!"

    i panic.
  9. that will probably thicken the ice
  10. Just kidding I speak English hahahahaha I can't get over it well done Man I dig it alot :)
  11. Who needs icebreakers when the Universe gives us duct tape and rope?
  12. I like to get right in their personal space, lean down towards them, sniff their neck, and grunt.

    Sets the mood.
  13. Wait until she finds out you huff your own farts
  14. come on guys get serious, offer up some real world suggestions.. bc if i dont come up with something soon im just gonna start whippin my thang out
  15. remember, it's only rape until they like it
  16. i usually ask em if they wanna see how my dick tastes... jp

    when talking to a girl you have to schmooze em. you have to look them straight in the eye and tell them how unique their eyes color is .

    or if your friends play with her hair and tell her its mad soft. just gently at the tips at first.

    or just but into one of their conversations and agree on what they just said with a goofy/funny/aticdote of your own.

    play tag, ive goten alot of numbers by walking upto random girls and bein glike tag your it. only the really fun girls worth your time will play this game
  17. I like doing random shit like that to ppl
  18. but see you two are probably reasonably attractive. but those cute random little comments just come off as creepy and uncalled for if youre a freak of nature with a fucked up a face. like me. and even if i knew exactly the right thing TO say i still would be unable to execute. id yell accidently. or mumble.

    maybe i could use my new iphone. like hey whats up, check out my new phone. by the way im blake would you like to go steady?

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