Greatest HIGH Times of All. [Fruit-Punch Kush]

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  1. Me and three of my friends had a soccer game, but the bus wasn't leaving for a whole hour after school let out. So we had some time to kill, we were just hanging out at my house when I get a call from my friend inviting us to smoke with him. We weren't too sure since we had the game, but the friend who called insisted. He had a new bong he wanted to try out and an eighth of fruit punch kush.

    So anyway he picked us up and we drove out to some random secluded spot off the interstate. He pulled out the smooth glass bong and produced the kush. Mmm I can still remember it's sweet smell. We starting ripping the bong, and once I was done hitting it I passed it over to my friend who had never used one before. He started hitting it and was probably at like 90% lung capacity when all of us were like "Clear it! Clear that shit man!" He still had a ton of smoke left in there. He cleared about half of it before his eyes got larger than dinner plates and he spewed out thick white clouds of smoke from his nose and mouth simultaneously. He looked like a dragon just blowing everything out.

    After that little event he was coughing up a lung and the rest of us proceeded to hit the bong. We packed the bong about three times and I probably had six to eight rips to my own. I don't quite remember to be honest. We drove home to my house and I raided the pantry. Grabbing any edible portable food item I could and just throwing it in my soccer bag. There were leftover pancakes in the fridge so I just threw them in my bag and grabbed a whole bottle of syrup from the pantry. I later ate them on the bus, spilling syrup all over the seat.

    The bus stop was about two blocks away from my house and we didn't have much time before it left. My friends and I bolted out the door with our backpacks and jogged down the street to the bus. My legs felt like they had a ball and chain attached to them. My backpack felt as if it weighed 200 hundred pounds. The run up to the bus was a physically exhausting brutal test of raw endurance. But oh boy once we got on the bus we sank into our seats like a bear lying down to hibernate. It was so relieving to rest, even if it was in the crammed backseat of a school bus!

    Before the game we were warming up and I threw up three times. I think it was from eating so much and then running right after. One of the other guys was throwing up too. My friend that spewed all the smoke out like a dragon said he kept seeing tractors out of the corner of his eye on the field. Not like right in front of him, but with his peripheral vision he'd keep catching glimpses of tractors. At half time we all sat down and coach was talking to us, apparently I fell asleep within like thirty seconds of sitting down. My head just fell forward and I nodded off. Luckily no adults noticed. That night I slept like a baby. Ahhh good times. I've got quite a few other stories but I've already written a small chapter book. That is one of my favorites to share.


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