Greatest High School pranks you ever witnessed

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  1. So i was chattin with some guys the other day and we were talking about the craziest most daring shit we ever saw a kid do at our high school. I want to here some of your guys craziest stories. I'll get it started with mine.

    When i was a junior at my catholic high school a few years back, we had this one math teacher who was just as a current teacher employed at tht schoiol said "too smart for the kids". Basically he was a college professor trying to teach algebra II to a class of immature high school students.
    One day he was getting really pissed at us and some smartass asked him why life frustrated him. Everybody was gettin weak as fuck and he sat there and said this in his words "Gentlemen i get frustrated sometimes because i worry about you immature boys at this school trying to take advantage of my beautiful daughter."
    All of us were like wtf and wanted to see if this weirdo actually had a sexy daughter so we went on facebook and just typed in his last name to see what came up. He had such a weird last name that sure enough his duaghter was the only one that came up. She was SMACK AS FUCK. Like hard too look at smack. Nothing good to her.
    So a few days after the word spread, some kid in my bell 2 Algebra II class brought in a stack of paper all copies of a letter that he had wrote. (Our teacher was in the bathroom at the time because it being between bells.) He set a copy of this letter on everyones desks and then one of the teachers desk. I still have my copy of this letter to the day and it reads as following.
    "Dear Mr. Keener,
    You should not be so frustrated in life. You say your frustrations come from the worry of your daughters safety. Sir, with all my assurance you have nothing to worry about. Your daughter is vulgar and disgusting to even look at. If anyone came near her im sure the last thing they would have wanted was to touch her. You should worry less and enjoy your life better with the assurance of your daughters safety.

    Anonymous Life Coach"

    When Mr. Keener came back into the room and saw this he immedietly stormed out of the room after reading it. The next thing we know is our dean of discipline walks into the room. Some how after a full bell (1 1/2 hrs) of interrogation and threats, the kid who was behind the whole scheme was never caught. 2 months later Mr. Keener left for christmas break, and never came back. A new teacher was hired in his place who turned out to be an alright guy.
  2. Thats messed up, lol
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    hahahahaha wow thats funny... ill edit my post later if i dont forget and tell one of mine.


    All right well my favorite one was what happened during the morning announcements. My school had the students do the announcements and it was filmed by a camera crew and was played every morning in homeroom. One day, a few friends and i got to getter and got a hardcore black gay porn tape (don't ask, we hadda go to an "adult shop" to buy it).

    Since we knew they wouldn't play the original disk, we had to make a copy onto the exact same type of dvd the school used to capture the morning announcements on. We wrote onto the disk "Morning announcements [date]" and switched that disk with the other one.

    At the beginning of homeroom, the announcements began... as did the fun. It played for a full 4 minutes before the administrators realized what the hell just happened. Now, our school classrooms are pretty soundproof if the doors are shut, but when this happened, all you could hear was a roar of laughter coming from everybody.

    No one got caught, and we even got our money back by returning the gay dvd back to the store hahaha.

    Oh, and at the end of the day, the principle came over the loudspeaker and told us that whoever did the prank could have a good chance of working for the CIA.

    We went hard.
  4. that is messed up

    the best one i have ever seen was my high school had like 1 main stair case like 4 floors in the same stair case and hundreds of people on it at once, well 4 seniors stood at the top with backpacks full of bouncy balls thousands of them and poured them all down the stairs during a class change. this was my junior year

    my senior prank was like right infront of are school 2 main roads would meet so there was a traffic circle there, well we got 6 people to all go into the circle at once and just keep circling too it was way backed up in every direction then we all left the circle at the same time and went to school, 3 or 4 buses were late
  5. blame the daughter lmao
  6. Lotion in condoms which we in turn put on seats :D Hilarious and no one got caught.
  7. I smell a good thread
  8. hahahahahhahaha! this kid put laxitives in brownies and handed them out. got suspended and police got involved cuz he put "drugs" in the brownies
  9. Thanks man i thought it'd be a good one
  10. Get 2 pigs. Label them with a #1 and #3. Grease them up and turn them loose. They will spend forever looking for pig #2.
  11. I wrote boner at least once on the wall in all the classrooms with a sharpie... I guess that's not as good as everyone else's :/ ...
  12. these seniors came to school with cages that had chickens in them. a senior went to the middle of each floor and let the chickens out. fucking awesome. like 24 chickens that are freaking the fuck out in a high school is hilarious.

  13. bwahahahaha:hello:
  14. I can't remember most of them right now, but when I was in 7th grade, 3 years ago I saw a good senior prank. I live at the beach, so the seniors filled a whole classroom with sand, surfboards, chairs, etc, so it was a beach. I've been trying to think of some pranks for senior year. So far all I got is to get dixie cups and fill them with water and put them all down the stairs on our 4 sets of stairs. And, not really a prank, but to get alot of people to bring in scooters and ride around until security chases us. I remember another funny thing that happened just last week. In our school we have something called coffee shop. Its where reatards/mentally challenged kids work where you can buy snacks during 1st and 2nd block. They went down to the coffee shop, took a bunch of snacks and ran away. Everybody started freaking out and the retarded kids and security guards chased them. Kind of dickish because some of them all retarded but still funny. Post your previous senior pranks or ideas you have.
  15. I have a few:

    One time we convinced the subsitute teacher to let us cheat on one of our test.
    She was cool about it and was just playing around at first looking through a stack of
    a test from a class before. She was saying things like "is so and so smart?" and the class
    would be like "ya shes a genuis!" and she would say "well i diddnt say anything but #1 is !, #2 is C, #3 is B, and etc etc. Basicaly everyone got 97-100% on the test and our teacher came back the next day, lets just say we had a 30 minute lecture. (subsitute was a well known sub at our school and she was never seen again lol)

    and this isn't highschool but i remember the best one i've ever seen was someone had
    put a Pen in a teachers microwave and it exploded everywhere, and then everyone stole her candy..everyone in the class was interigated until she broke down and found out who did it.

    and this ones pretty funny, its not a prank but a kid in my class called another kid a douchebag and one of the teachers heard and he had to write what douchebag ment 100 times in the dictonary as his punishment haha.
  16. We put saw dust from shop class into somebodies air conditioner in his truck. The back slide window was open and we went in and poured as much saw dust that could fit in his air. I was such an asshole oh my god. Nobody got caught and it screwed the shit out of his truck. But the kid tried to fuck my friends 9th grade sister so it was whatever.

    Also I put curdled milk in my chemistry teachers closet my senior year behind a whole bunch of books. I never got to smell or hear about it.
  17. For my senior prank, we brought 2 cows to school and walked them up the stairs to the top floor (the 3rd) . Cows can walk up stairs but physically cannot walk down stairs . A crane was brought in to bring them down lol .
  18. my friend farted in class and i laffed.
  19. during my sophmore year a whole bunch of people bought a bunch of cooked whole chickens and started throwing them off the school balcony at everyone,that was some interesting shit right there lol

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