Greatest high music?

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  1. Right now im listening to "kick the pa" by korn on the spawn soundtrack...and im pretty much digg'n it. its a bad ass song. :) Here are some of my favorite songs to listen to stoned.

    1. The joker by steve miller

    2. kick the pa by korn

    3. Get my rocks off by marilyn manson

    4. I smell smoke by mystikal

    5. sick city by marilyn manson

    6. Jumpdafuckup by soulfly

    7. Diamonds and Pollen by marilyn manson

    8. easy skankin' by bob marley

    9. Whats my name by snoop dog

    10. Dig (everything and nothing remix) by mudvayne

    11. Dead souls by nin on the crow soundtrack

    12. castles made of sand by jimi hendrix

    well..there ya tell me yours :)
  2. Japanese garage bands, cause they can kick ass! hey do they even have garages in Tokyo?

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  3. Okay it has dirgressed to Snuka , Snuka Bloody Snuka thes3 peopls kick ass hardcore punk cool even for an old fart like me.
  4. Metal hands down, Trivium, Children of Bodom, all good stuff.....only exception, other than all the classic rock bands which are a given for stoner music, is old weezer (first two albums, bluey and pinkerton)
  5. i listen to jam bands and classic like pink floyd or jimi hendrix and some rap is the shit like, blue berry yum yum, i rember the first time i heard that it was so good
  6. Try The Brian Jonestown Massacre. I just heard them a few months ago and they're slowly becoming the best music i've ever heard.

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